Translation of ice bag in Spanish:

ice bag


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    • Despite good intentions, they risk eventually getting up close and personal with an ice bag, an orthopedist or both.
    • ‘This is what I've always wanted,’ he says, strapping an ice bag onto each of his knees and sitting beside the court.
    • Then she handed the ice bag to Cordy and said, ‘I'm going to go back to your place and get some sleep.’
    • ‘Here,’ my mother appeared and handed him an ice bag.
    • She was holding an ice bag to her cheek in an effort to bring down the swelling because, in her words, she's ‘sick of telling people she tripped’.
    • He muttered beneath his breath, and then shifted his ice bag.
    • Ron asked again, catching the ice bag and catching it easily.
    • Ellen is sitting on the bench, holding an ice bag to her ankle.
    • Andrew shrugged and then hid his face behind his ice bag again.
    • When he did, she left him the ice bag, and went to get some sleep.
    • I groan and slump against the pillows, holding the ice bag to my head.
    • He threw himself into the couch and pressed the ice bag against his face.
    • I crossed the room and flopped down on my bed, holding my ice bag to my eye.
    • If time allows, catching a short nap in a darkened, quiet room with an ice bag or cold compress on your forehead can work wonders.
    • What he really wanted was an ice bag to soothe them, but he felt too impatient to fetch one.
    • I grabbed a Tylenol and a bottle of water along with the towel and ice bag and walked back into the living room.
    • I looked into his eyes as he combed the hair out of my face and held that ice bag up.
    • They all use Q-tips, gauze, ice bags and a flat rectangular tool called an enswell to reduce swelling.
    • The only healing the Saints are doing this week is with ice bags on their groins, hamstrings, ankles, shoulders and egos.
    • Mike strolls back with ice bags Saran-Wrapped around both knees.