Translation of ice cream in Spanish:

ice cream

helado, n.

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    helado masculine
    ice-cream soda ice cream soda
    • ice-cream sundae copa de helado
    • You can sample any of them with mini ice-cream spoons, from a tray of jars dedicated to that purpose.
    • I had a choc covered flake cone, and was frustrated to find ice-cream melting onto my fingers.
    • I have grown-up children and fortunately they were never big ice-cream lovers.
    • We loved to play on the roof and used to have mango ice-cream parties, musical evenings and fly kites up there.
    • Visitors to Ripon may mistake the green and cream shelter in the Market Place for an ice-cream kiosk.
    • A passing ice-cream vendor did well however, when he stopped to see what was going on.
    • For every donation to the National Blood Service they will get a free ice-cream tub voucher.
    • The fresh petals are used in salads, as garnishes, and to flavour milk puddings and ice cream.
    • Of the puddings, a warm chocolate fondant with peanut ice-cream and artichoke caramel really stood out.
    • The brief dessert menu offers ice cream and pancake as well as baklava and kadaif.
    • You could, of course make your own sponge cake for this simple ice cream dessert.
    • We defined high fat dairy food as whole milk, ice cream, hard cheese, butter, and sour cream.
    • I enjoyed the hot chocolate fondant with stem ginger ice-cream and my petit fours were a delight.
    • Dust with icing sugar, slice thickly and serve with custard, cream or ice-cream.
    • This is excellent on its own, but it would also be nice to serve it with ice-cream or custard.
    • I always have either tuna provencale, or the Drones burger and the warm chocolate tart with ice cream.
    • My sticky toffee pudding with tablet ice cream was the only standard-issue part of our whole meal.
    • For pudding I would have pecan pie and ginger ice cream with some kind of poison in it so I could cheat the hangman.
    • All that followed by apple pie, custard and vanilla ice cream is my idea of heaven.
    • The dessert menu is short, with the customary choices of creme caramel and ice cream.