Translation of icy in Spanish:


helado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈaɪsi/ /ˈʌɪsi/

Definition of helado in Spanish

adjective icier, iciest

  • 1

    (very cold)
    (wind/rain) helado
    (wind/rain) glacial
    (wind/rain) gélido literary
    (feet/hands) helado
    icy cold helado
    • The weather began to turn colder and colder as the icy winds swept the land.
    • A large truck drove by causing an even larger icy cold wind than normal.
    • Scores of swimmers also defied icy temperatures and bitter winds to take a seasonal dip in Dublin Bay.
    • For once the weather bureau got it right and the predicted cold front arrived last night with a blast of icy wind.
    • As he turned away she felt a chill, like an icy wind blew through her soul.
    • The weather was beginning to change, giving the air and the wind an icy chill.
    • I shivered in the cold wind since my sweater was now soaking wet with icy cold water.
    • Expect a riveting two hours tonight and tomorrow from 7.30 pm, as icy as the coldest Keighley weather.
    • While they worked to open the door, an icy blast of cold air blew through the cottage causing every open window and door in the cottage to slam shut.
    • The sweet aroma of the beans tickled nose as I held the steaming cup gratefully in my icy cold hands.
    • Ichiro froze as Neo's icy fingers took hold of his neck and tilted his head to the side to get a better view of the wounds.
    • Two men were found dead in icy conditions in Istanbul on Saturday and two more froze to death in southeastern Turkey.
    • The wrought iron was freezing on my hands when I jumped and caught the icy top rail.
    • The Arctic weather had been expected to arrive in Scotland yesterday, before taking an icy grip on the rest of the country this morning.
    • By the end he was ‘feeling no pain’ and as the liner slipped beneath the waves, he just stepped off into the icy waters.
    • And over that time, at least 10 people have fallen from it, into the icy waters below.
    • Once I could pry my icy fingers off the bagel I was eating, I shut the door.
    • The stories about the nice weather, up to 24C, made the switch from icy Michigan very easy.
    • Until March, indoor football is the only game in icy Budapest.
    • More than fifty hardy souls, many very young and a few of advanced years, dived, jumped or simply slid into the icy water.
  • 2

    (stare/reception) glacial
    • Her power game and icy cool attitude set her apart from her peers.
    • The cub shivered and stood up, closing his icy eyes to the unwelcome sunlight.
    • This refreshing feeling of freedom felt like icy cool water flowing over her face in the morning.
    • I guess the characters of the governess, the seemingly haughty and icy employer and the mad woman added to that impression.
    • She fixed her own feline eyes with Damien's cool icy stare, an unspoken challenge sparking in her eyes.
    • The pirate swept his icy, hard glare over the pair that lay helpless at his feet.
    • His face remained cool, icy almost, so cool that Morana could not stand to look at him anymore and quickly turned back to Rissa.
    • The Nephyl looked around in icy disdain at the soldiers resting underneath dark trees.
    • Casey took larger strides, ignoring his icy looks.
    • Gillian's character, Lady Dedlock, is a society beauty and on the surface appears icy cool.
    • The crowd go wild as the Italian referee strolls down to the ring with his icy cool exterior.
    • A few weeks on, his genial countenance has frozen into icy indifference.
    • Tiekkyra covered her up and sent an icy glare at the speaker.
    • The red bandanna covered the rider's face concealing all but his icy emotionless eyes.
    • Wilson and Meaker both depict her as icy, needy and eager to belittle Highsmith.
    • The icy Marion slowly comes into sharper focus as we also learn the true horror of what really happened in the accident that took her sons' lives.
    • She's got a wonderful icy beauty - although she's not an icy person - but in the film it works, this cold beauty.
    • In essence, this production lacked depth and strength, and failed to emit the icy austerity of Ibsen's masterpiece.
    • While some might be disturbed by the icy stare of their future meal, I found it reassuring to see the fresh selections.
    • Mr Condit's comments also got an icy reception from many constituents, though some rallied behind him.
    • So I just gave him a cold, icy stare and laughed at him, like I had the upper hand.
  • 3

    (roads/ground) cubierto de hielo
    • One learner skier made a claim after he hit an icy patch, leaned very heavily on his ski pole - and, as a result, stabbed himself with it.
    • On the shaded parts of the lane that led to the pub, there were still icy patches where he had to slow.
    • The county woke on both Saturday and Sunday to frozen cars and icy roads but walkers still took to the hills and families to their sledges.
    • The sleet stung our faces and made the rigging icy and slippery, the yards were swaying back and forth with the roll of the ship.
    • It is a game for boys and girls who assemble on neighborhood frozen ponds next to icy rural roads.
    • Too cold and too much snow, rail signal systems freeze and roads become icy.
    • Are there outside steps that are slippery when wet or icy and dangerous in the winter?
    • I trudge through sleet on icy sidewalks to look at equally slippery art shows.
    • Heavy frost set in, making already icy conditions even more hazardous.
    • The AA has now told motorists to take extra care on icy roads and only go out when necessary - and then armed with tool kits and hot drinks.
    • A pensioner told today how he lost a thumb when he crashed on an icy road - and said better gritting might have prevented his accident.
    • So spare a thought for the crop of young drivers who may have passed their test over the spring or summer, and have never yet had to face icy roads and dark evenings.
    • I too used to live at the top of a steep hill and ran a Daihatsu Sportrak off-roader, which was absolutely fine in snow and icy conditions.
    • He died April 17 from brain injuries suffered in a fall on an icy Manhattan sidewalk.
    • To our left was an alpine glacier dominated by sharp-edged icy pinnacles and to our right were walls of soaring rock.
    • As well as having some teachers stranded at home, headteachers were also concerned about health and safety on icy playgrounds.
    • This was the dramatic moment when an injured walker from the York area was winched from an icy mountainside by an RAF helicopter.
    • A gritting lorry's windscreen was smashed by a snowball containing a stone as it was clearing icy streets on the Bell Farm estate.
    • The number of accidents also fell, despite the icy conditions.
    • The weather warning came during a day which saw severe icy conditions making life miserable for many in East Yorkshire yesterday.