Translation of idea in Spanish:


idea, n.

Pronunciation /aɪˈdiə/ /ʌɪˈdɪə/


  • 1

    • 1.1(plan, suggestion)

      idea feminine
      I have an idea tengo una idea
      • then I had an idea entonces se me ocurrió una idea
      • John came up with a much better idea a John se le ocurrió una idea mucho mejor
      • she hit on the idea of doing it like this se le ocurrió hacerlo así
      • what a good idea! ¡qué buena idea!
      • it's a good idea to oil the hinges regularly conviene engrasar las bisagras con regularidad
      • that's not a bad idea no es mala idea
      • it might not be a bad idea to leave now no sería mala idea que nos fuéramos ya
      • you and your bright ideas! ¡tú y tus brillantes ideas!
      • it wasn't my idea no fue idea mía
      • gift ideas for Christmas ideas para regalos de Navidad
      • I don't think much of the idea of your going alone la idea de que vayas solo no me hace mucha gracia
      • I like the idea of going to a Chinese restaurant me gusta la idea de ir a un restaurante chino
      • The Trust is also on the look out for new members to put forward suggestions and ideas for future projects.
      • None of this is to suggest that the driver retraining course is a bad idea or a soft option.
      • Many of the audience have pledged to do far more than just one of the ideas suggested in the programme.
      • The scrutiny board is also looking for ideas on possible events and activities linked to the rivers.
      • Of course, ideas like this will not be the only way in which people are encouraged to make a difference.
      • I'll have a basic idea, of course, but depending on the texture of the wood and the shape of it, it kind of evolves.
      • This is of course a neat idea and Mo is a very generous man for doing it.
      • This weekend I've been quite busy at work on a little project that came out of an idea that Tamsin suggested to me.
      • Downing Street, however, described the suggestion as an idea, not a formal proposal.
      • Members are also asked to suggest activity ideas for the group to pursue during the year.
      • This year's exhibition will show how the latest ideas and suggestions are being developed.
      • An English geologist has come up with one of the most ingenious ideas yet suggested.
      • I suggest a few ideas in my book, but as you say, who would have a go at cleaning it up in government?
      • He suggested a number of ideas that would change the society and destiny of the island.
      • Even more could be spent if residents suggest good ideas to improve transport facilities.
      • Of the ten ideas suggested, five attracted significantly more votes than the rest.
      • Everyone liked her ideas but several suggested that she first talk to the mayor.
      • We really want to hear what people think of this and to hear their ideas and suggestions.
      • She had suggested the idea to David and Robbie whilst they were in Los Angeles recently.
      • If his ideas pay off, though, it won't be long before gates rise and monies come in.

    • 1.2(purpose, principle)

      idea feminine
      the whole idea of the operation was to attract publicity habían hecho la operación con la idea de atraer publicidad
      • that's the general idea de eso se trata
      • It involves listening to the other side, not with the idea of debate but for the purpose of learning.
      • Perhaps the idea of us meeting up again was not the purpose of our encounter.
      • Allan has other ideas, of course, and a bid for one or other of his rivals now looks certain.
      • Of course, the whole idea is to go there to concentrate and focus on the work, not on what to do in the evenings.
      • The idea, of course, is that customers are driven to HMV as soon as the New Year sales begin.
      • Now it's emerged that Google and Comcast have their own ideas for a possible tie-up.
      • The whole idea of on-line courses is that everyone can study what they want.
      • That they cut the phone line as well makes it more sinister and suggests that the idea was to endanger life.
      • I suppose the original idea behind the award is to foster great comedy and to open it up to a broader range of performers and audiences.
      • There was a temptation to chuck it in the bin, but I suppose that defeats the idea.
      • In fact, it's that good it would make you want to go out walking, which I suppose is the whole idea.
      • The idea, I suppose, is that while Santa was fiddling the lock his reindeer would hover over the driveway.
      • Surely the idea must have been to share it equally - and if it is his home too, should he be forced out of it?
      • If you were passing you wouldn't give this door a second look, which must have been the idea when they installed it.
      • In my opinion, the whole idea of Islamic Revolution was about the God's role in the society.
      • No other institution enjoys such sweeping powers to suppress the expression of opinions and ideas.
      • Instead we must turn to what is intelligible: the values, beliefs and ideas revealed by art.
      • In my opinion, these ideas and ideals are slipping fast, and we need to fight for them.
      • She was quiet for the whole session; she did not share her opinions or ideas on the text they were studying.
      • Part and parcel of Jewish belief is the idea that God entrusted His message to the Sages.
      • Yet this has been accompanied by a huge growth in belief in the idea that our lives are ruled by the stars and in a world of spirits unknown to the sciences.
      • It's time to give up, or at least to give up the idea that a unilingual public should be able to follow.
      • What I love is the idea that the public needs to see punishment taking place.
      • Of course, the idea that there really were boy knights fighting in the Middle Ages we now know to be a misconception.
      • This of course entails the idea that the ruling ideology doesn't take itself seriously.
      • The idea was to meet as diverse a mix of people and hear as many differing ideas as was possible.
      • Many of Galton's ideas were, of course, based on prejudices he brought to his science.
      • His responses suggest possible resistance to the idea that personal changes are needed.
      • Of course, the idea that all men are created equal does not mean that all men are created the same.
      • Absolutely and at the core of their approach was of course the idea that we are made up of the balance of four humours.
      • What I don't understand is the idea that any criticism of America is not appropriate.
      • The idea that all workers must work until they drop from exhaustion is to approach the problem from the wrong end.
      • The terrorists must not allow the idea to spread around that you are safe so long as you are neither an unbeliever or a foreigner.
      • The idea that we must take action to avoid a Brave New World resonates powerfully within our culture.
      • It is easy to think that the idea of the will to life is wrongly fixated on the idea that there are purposes in nature.

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    • 2.1(concept, mental image)

      idea feminine
      I find the idea of eating snails revolting solo la idea de comer caracoles me da asco
      • my idea of Ireland la idea que yo tengo / me hago de Irlanda
      • In contrast, Kant calls the concepts of pure reason 'transcendental ideas.'
      • Kant nonetheless takes the ideas of God, the soul, and the world to have a valid philosophical use as “regulative,” i.e., for guiding the direction of inquiry to be all the more encompassing in scope.
      • He probably had the best idea of what was going on of anyone in this room, besides me, that is.
      • Women probably have a better idea of the male world and male values than men do of women's.
      • Many of us perhaps have little idea what it must be like to be in the depths of despair.
      • Do you have any idea how much trouble I've gone through today to try to make it perfect for you?
      • Do you have any idea where they may have been staying in Thailand, if it was one of the beach resorts?
      • The implication is that the Chinese have either no idea of beauty or a wrong one.
      • He keeps trying to make deals with people who idea of deals is your capitulation.
      • Which gives you a pretty good idea of how trusted Col. Kline was by his fellow officers.
      • I recently got back into sabre fencing and I have a pretty good idea of how much I lost.
      • When you did it, did you have any idea that it would last for decades and decades?
      • Do you have any idea how long a hold on new space shuttle takeoffs will continue?
      • Until my report later on this week, this might give you some idea of what it's like.
      • I know how it feels to be judged by people who don't have any idea what's going on in your life.
      • Also, check out the group of free songs here, to get some idea what I am going on and on about.
      • It was bizarre to speak to someone when I had absolutely no idea what they looked like.
      • If you've been wondering what the book is about, this will give you a much better idea.
      • So do you have any idea who influenced the artist Kanye West when he was growing up?
      • Do you have any idea how much money you are wasting to travel to all these places?
      • Once you run the numbers, you should have a fairly good idea of what you'll need to live on.
      • You don't get a really good idea of all the work that goes into the art that represents an album.
      • They have only the shakiest idea of the beliefs and principles of either.

    • 2.2(understanding)

      idea feminine
      for a clearer idea consult this book para hacerse / tener una idea más clara, consulte este libro
      • can you give me some idea of what happened at the meeting? ¿me puedes dar una idea de lo que pasó en la reunión?
      • I've got a rough idea of what you mean ya me hago una idea aproximada de lo que quieres decir

    • 2.3(impression, belief)

      idea feminine
      I had an idea you might not stay there very long me daba la impresión / tenía la idea de que no te quedarías allí mucho tiempo
      • whatever gave you that idea? ¿de dónde sacaste esa idea?
      • I don't know where she got the idea I was Belgian no sé de dónde sacó (la idea de) que yo era belga
      • he has big ideas about becoming a star está convencido de que se va a convertir en una estrella

  • 3

    idea feminine
    opinión feminine
    to have old-fashioned ideas ser de / tener ideas / opiniones anticuadas
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    tema masculine