Translation of identification in Spanish:


identificación, n.

Pronunciation /aɪˌdɛn(t)əfəˈkeɪʃ(ə)n/ /ʌɪˌdɛntɪfɪˈkeɪʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    • 1.1(act of identifying)

      identificación feminine
      a sample has been sent to the lab for identification se ha enviado una muestra al laboratorio para su identificación
      • In fact no positive identification of him is ever made.
      • The first step in the risk management process is risk identification.
      • Well, the whole process of identification actually takes place a few steps before DNA testing.
      • According to both O'Brien and Kieswetter, the recruiting process begins with player identification.
      • In looking specifically at masculinity in this context, I want to examine the process of narcissistic identification in more detail.
      • I do not argue with the fact or identification of sentencing error.
      • They act openly and brazenly in the belief that Gardai will have difficulty in making any positive identification.
      • Today we await the positive identification of the body and any details of how and when she died.
      • These cultures often take up to six weeks for positive identification.
      • There are several toxic species, so positive identification of any cobweb-caps to be eaten is essential.
      • You need someone who has the actual expertise to confirm positive identification.
      • One mode by which coloring one element could slow processing is by making identification of the color more difficult.
      • Keith Morris is happy with the news of the positive identification, though he won't relax until the divers complete their final dive in safety.
      • The identification of two named genera in a single organism presents a taxonomic dilemma.
      • That information included a unique biometric form of identification: a fingerprint.
      • Schools don't teach the names of trees or identification of birds and frogs.
      • The identification of suspects by name provides a huge area for obfuscation.
      • Aptitude identification should be a continuous process, specially designed to go along with the secondary education.
      • Cultivar name or sample identification is at the top of each lane.
      • They must have a high preservation potential, be relatively common, and also be distinctive so that accurate identification is possible.

    • 1.2(evidence of identity)

      have you got any other identification? ¿tiene algún otro documento que acredite su identidad?
      • identification bracelet brazalete de identificación
      • identification papers papeles de identificación
      • identification documents documentos de identificación
      • identification tag placa de identidad

  • 2

    (empathy, association)
    identificación feminine
    identification with sb/sth identificación con algn/algo
    • Possibly this would add a sense of discomfort, and possibly an identification with imprisonment.
    • From the folk culture, adolescents receive a world view and an identification with a unique cultural system.
    • Their lifelong identification with the working class was forged during these years.
    • The populist side of me is very much about my identification with the culture of a newsroom.
    • He developed an intellectual identification with France that would last his entire life.
    • What always came through in Cash's music and life was his identification with and compassion for the underdog.
    • The men are isolated in their consciousness by their close identification with machines.
    • Boys, however, must break with their primary identification with their mothers in order to become male identified.
    • The desecration of a church and the group's name suggest a strong identification with Wicca..
    • In a final duet, with post-gypsy band Dress, they build towards an erotic identification with their audience.
    • He was one of those political people who refused an identification with a specific race or nation or movement or party.
    • The story constitutes an identification with childhood.
    • He was the preeminent actor of the jeans and torn t-shirt generation who sought a total identification with the characters they played.
    • The fluttering of rainbow flags also indicates a waning identification with the Italian nation and a loss of support for the Italian state.
    • Part of the lure of going to the cinema is not only the pleasure of looking but also the processes of identification that this allows.
    • At the heart of this process of identification was the assumption that Europeans had a right to label non-Europeans.
    • New forms of national identification can only come out of the process of British people living, working and debating together.
    • A wedding ring and government paper equally represent social identification.
    • But equally interesting was the lack of identification with the official government region in which people live.
    • The surface advantage of group identification is that an identity comes prefabricated.
    • The identification of order with law eliminates from public consciousness the very concept of the decentralized provision of order.
    • There is a tendency to associate case studies with qualitative research, but such an identification is not appropriate.
    • It also facilitated the identification of the church and of various church associations with the National Revolution.
    • But its inherent limitations meant that it could never fully escape from its identification with victimhood.