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idiomático, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌɪdiəˈmædɪk/ /ˌɪdɪəˈmatɪk/

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    • One important component of successful language learning is the mastery of idiomatic forms of expression, including idioms, collocations, and sentence frames (collectively referred to here as formulaic sequences).
    • Nevertheless, the expressions are idiomatic in the sense that their grammaticality cannot be ‘figured out’ solely by reference to general principles.
    • Second, more specific aspects of idiomatic meaning are provided by the’ ontological mapping’ that applies to a given idiomatic expression.
    • Citizens here who read The Korea Times have the opportunity to amass a wider variety of idiomatic and colloquial expressions written by foreigners from various backgrounds.
    • In the Russian culture, the colour with the biggest variety of negative connotations reflected in idiomatic expressions is black.
    • This is comparable to attempting a critical analysis of Shakespeare's Elizabethan phraseology and idiomatic expression in Chinese, while ignoring the relevance of the English language!
    • Where do you think the idiomatic expressions ‘mind your manners’ and ‘mind your own business’ come from?
    • There is no doubt that native speakers of a language have a feel for its nuances, are comfortable using its idiomatic expressions, and speak it fluently.
    • Romani uses many idiomatic expressions, proverbs, and sayings, often with metaphorical qualities.
    • The idiomatic expression ‘for the birds’ is common enough to crop up in everyday conversation.
    • E-mail translation services are already available on a number of Web sites, and although their treatment of idiomatic expressions leaves something to be desired, the basic technology is in place.
    • I'll try to translate this love song with an eye on idiomatic expressions rendered at least comprehensible and maybe even give it a little poetry.
    • Some slipped idiomatic expressions or literary allusions into their copy in the hopes that the censor would miss the subtleties - and it often worked.
    • A common antebellum designation for the country, these United States survived in the 20th century in folksy idiomatic usage.
    • The first experiment showed greater interference between idioms with the same syntactic structure, demonstrating that idiomatic representations contain syntactic information.
    • In addition to drawing on family stories and memories in his writing, Forbes also culls stories and phrases from African American oral tradition and frequently employs colloquial and idiomatic language in his poetry.
    • More or less the same story can be told of the binding patterns in certain inalienable possessives and idiomatic constructions in English.
    • Aside from this special interpretation of parallel modification, English seems to be deficient in easy or idiomatic ways to talk about the properties of relations as distinct from the properties of the items related.
    • And when we get to the difference between being in town and being on campus, or for that matter the difference between being in time and being on time, we're pretty clearly in the realm of idiomatic phrasal patterns.
    • It's a bit too specific for an idiomatic prototype.