There are 2 main translations of ill in Spanish

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enfermo, adj.

Pronunciation /ɪl/

Definition of enfermo in Spanish

adjective iller, illest

  • 1

    • 1.1(unwell)

      malo Spain, Mexico informal
      she's ill está enferma
      • she's ill with measles tiene sarampión
      • he looked ill tenía mala cara
      • fish makes me ill el pescado me sienta mal
      • the strain is making me ill la tensión me está afectando
      • I felt really ill after eating it me sentí muy mal después de comerlo
      • Leaders of our medical organisations should not allow informed consent to interfere with clinical management of infectious disease or seriously ill patients.
      • Two other patients are critically ill after contracting the disease through infected organs from the donor.
      • Siti said that volunteers should also understand that terminally ill patients usually suffer from psychological strain due to their illness.
      • Along with morphine, it was prescribed to chronically ill patients suffering everything from asthma to diarrhoea.
      • He said it was reasonable to believe the water had not been contaminated before the period in question because no-one prior to that period had taken ill.
      • Everything's just fine now, he reassured them, except that the design isn't finished and the architect is mysteriously taken ill.
      • One came to the aid of an elderly man taken ill at a bus stop.
      • Some years ago I was called to attend a man I did not know who had taken ill very suddenly.
      • On the occasion his mother had taken ill and he was trying to get assistance for her.
      • The major reason for the redesign of services is to ensure the best possible care for critically ill patients as well as those with less serious illness and injuries.
      • There is no requirement that the suffering be physical or that the patient be terminally ill.
      • Terminally ill patients slowly become worse as the disease takes over their body until it kills them.
      • Around one in ten people who are infected with amoebiasis become ill from the disease.
      • Infectious complications in critically ill patients can cause increased morbidity and mortality.
      • As soon as John had taken ill, she had written to him.
      • She had taken ill long ago, only a few years after they had married.
      • She was very ill and bore her suffering with great dignity.
      • A woman terminally ill with motor neurone disease will next week begin a High Court battle to win the right to die, it was announced yesterday.
      • Perhaps you are living with someone who is ill with a life-threatening disease.
      • Haemophiliacs are ill and are suffering and time is not on our side.

    • 1.2euphemistic (nauseous, sick)

      to be ill devolver

  • 2

    ill effects efectos negativos / adversos
    • his ill health su mala salud
    • ill humor malhumor
    • ill humour malhumor
    • what ill luck! ¡qué mala suerte!
    • a bird of ill omen un pájaro de mal agüero
    • a house/woman of ill repute una casa/una mujer de mala reputación
    • It was because of her ill judgment.
    • Is their any provision to ban an umpire for his attitude problems and making of ill decisions?


  • 1

    I can ill afford to buy a new car mal puedo yo permitirme comprar un coche nuevo
    • we can ill afford to let such an opportunity slip realmente no podemos dejar pasar semejante oportunidad
  • 2formal

    to speak/think ill of sb hablar/pensar mal de algn
    • The Bosnian government was ill prepared to defend the country with no army and only a poorly equipped territorial defense force.
    • I must be that inexplicably angry, obtuse, ill mannered, audacious, pompous blow-hard that writes insulting letters to The Peak!
    • The big worry is that the cash-strapped Irish health service is ill equipped to deal with an epidemic of any form, least of all a potentially fatal virus like SARS.
    • If he finds himself similarly ill informed on other issues, he is welcome to write to me and I will try to keep him up to date if he and the local Conservatives can't manage this themselves.
    • Moreover, it is ill prepared to deal with any possible use of weapons.
    • His disastrous management of the 1993 federal election showed that he was hopelessly out of his depth and totally ill equipped for the task.
    • It seemed as if people were competing with each other for an imaginary prize for being the most rowdy and ill mannered human being in that room.
    • I suspect that it was imported to Korea within the last 600 years as Korea's climate is ill suited for the Mugunghwa, which thrives in the tropics.
    • There will be those who will claim that that this first failure shows that they are ill suited to running club nights.
    • Kiribati was ill prepared for democracy by the British colonial regime, which mainly used people from Tuvalu as administrators.
    • So, if this ill informed, ill educated, condemned criminal gets the happy ending of life eternal with God, may we not also have similar expectations?
    • The Russians' military is very weak, very poor, very ill trained.
    • Would you risk the future success of your business on a bottle of homemade possibly ill tasting wine or would you have bottles of quality wine on hand to serve to your guests?
    • It found itself subjected to harsh rain it was ill equipped for, dissolving the sandstone facades of it's buildings slowly, even as the people chose not to lift their eyes and notice it.
    • This question is rather abstract, but it serves to demonstrate how ill defined ‘harmful to minors’ may be.


  • 1

    mal masculine
    the social ills afflicting our country los males sociales que aquejan a nuestro país
    • As tempting as it is to demonise computer games for society's ills, the evidence does not suggest such a simple link.
    • Of all the social ills and problems plaguing Bihar, sati was never on the list.
    • Both of them believe that society's ills can be fixed by putting the right man at the top to make laws and crack down on the wrong people.
    • The voters have to be sick of partisan wrangling and worried about unsolved national ills.
    • A humming economy, after all, fixes most if not all other ills in a society.
    • Despite good intentions, psychiatrists can become complicit in shaping social ills.
    • One of the ills of our society in the recent past was the polarisation of black and white.
    • It has become an accepted part of our daily lives, like so many of the ills that plague our society.
    • Once we have that hope, it can be used to work against the ills in society, the negativity.
    • Like so many ills of today's society, the cult of bigness has American origin.
    • After all, who in their right minds would imagine that theatre is responsible for the ills of society?
    • A certain social ill might suddenly get a burst of national publicity because editors at The New York Times decided to make it a page-one news feature.
    • Injunctions against discrimination require that efficacious treatment for a human ill must be made equally accessible to everyone.
    • The 1960s and 70s counterculture gets blamed for every current social ill by conservatives.
    • And when Sha-King talks, he sounds as if he's reciting every imaginable ill in urban America.
    • You don't hear people talking about any other part that the markets will take care of it, that free trade is the panacea for every ill.
    • Instead of seeing violence as a social ill, it excites and entertains us.
    • So Bren naturally blames Ian for any ill that may happen.
    • While this Amendment was not intended to redress every social ill, its legitimate purposes certainly extend to the protection of unborn persons.

There are 2 main translations of Ill in Spanish

: ill1Ill2


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