Translation of ill-suited in Spanish:


poco indicado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌɪlˈsuːtəd/ /ˌɪlˈsuːtɪd/


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    poco indicado
    he's clearly ill-suited to / for the job es claramente una persona poco indicada para el puesto
    • they were ill-suited to / for each other no estaban hechos el uno para el otro
    • In all likelihood, the student will be ill-suited to the demands of a university course, as the ever increasing number of drop-outs shows.
    • Brown is ill-suited to the latter half of this role.
    • For the best part of two decades, the music industry had no idea what to do with Johnny Cash, and no concept was considered too ill-suited or humiliating.
    • The island is full of impenetrable virgin forest ill-suited to bikes, leaving the last leg to be completed on foot.
    • They had two sons and the marriage proved durable, but they were temperamentally ill-suited.