Translation of ill feeling in Spanish:

ill feeling

resentimiento, n.

See Spanish definition of resentimiento


  • 1

    resentimiento masculine
    rencor masculine
    • But any ill feeling soon disappeared and he loved his 21 years at the Daubhill school where he stayed until retiring.
    • If the brain decides that this composition is not for you, you'll feel some kind of ill feeling or dim dissatisfaction.
    • He said: ‘There was ill feeling between the boy and this defendant over an incident some months earlier.’
    • Though it stemmed from a relatively minor incident, the affair grew in prominence not least because of the U.S.'s lingering ill feeling towards England in the aftermath of the Civil War.
    • There was ill feeling between the defendant and complainant as Stacey felt ‘obstacles had been put in her way’ over her efforts to see the little boy.
    • It was felt that a market would only duplicate existing shops, do nothing for the local economy but lead to price wars, ill feeling and difficulties for existing shops.
    • There is little doubt that there is a certain level of ill feeling between these two international Old Firm stars.
    • He said he had not intended to cause any ill feeling, but claimed much of what had been said was inaccurate.
    • It is a shame that something as seemingly harmless as a cypress has caused so much ill feeling.
    • She only looked at them earnestly, with not even a trace of hatred or ill feeling in her eyes.
    • There is very much ill feeling towards him by the extended family,’ said the Detective Garda.
    • But last night there was not a hint of ill feeling as both men laughed and enjoyed each other's company and praised each other's contribution to the party and the country.
    • When the original residents of the next house to the west built their place and moved into town from the country, they injected some ill feeling into the neighborhood.
    • Stam, meanwhile, has insisted that there was no ill feeling towards him from his former United team-mates over comments made about them in his autobiography.
    • There was an incident very early on during the occupation when 18 people were killed there, so there is a great reservoir of ill feeling.
    • Surely I'm not the only person who has to fight off waves of ill feeling every time an earnest face appears on the television to tell us that Australians are lightly taxed.
    • I think that most of this ill feeling is plain jealousy, and that's sad.
    • The Crown's case was that there was considerable ill feeling between the appellant and Tate.
    • There is still ill feeling at how the company tried to bring the changes in.
    • Cho said that ill feeling between different political parties and the cooperation between them needed for debate on important legislation should be separated so that everyone could do something for their supporters.