Translation of illness in Spanish:


enfermedad, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɪlnəs/

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    enfermedad feminine
    dolencia feminine formal
    they've had a lot of illness in that family en esa familia han tenido muchas enfermedades
    • illness prevented him attending the ceremony no pudo asistir a la ceremonia por estar enfermo / por razones de salud
    • Other viral illnesses include influenza, the common cold, and ebola.
    • People with excess body fat have a greater risk for such illnesses as diabetes and hypertension.
    • Many cardiac and systemic illnesses can affect the left side of the heart.
    • It can be used to relieve a number of illnesses from migraines to arthritis.
    • Other viral illnesses such as mumps and rubella may also trigger Bell's palsy.
    • Obesity is a major factor in illnesses such as heart disease and certain forms of diabetes.
    • The loss of benefits can lead to illnesses such as diabetes and cancer going untreated.
    • Acute fatigue syndromes associated with viral illnesses are very common among teenagers.
    • The children are never free from illnesses and disease, always hungry, always listless.
    • He started his career at a time when many of the vanquished diseases and illnesses of today were still killers.
    • People say that it can help people with illnesses such as arthritis and Parkinson's syndrome.
    • It is an active painkiller and can help those who suffer from illnesses such as muscular dystrophy.
    • In the early stages, signs and symptoms can be similar to many other more common illnesses like flu.
    • Pox or syphilis was ubiquitous and remedies for illnesses were few and often not effective.
    • Her last year of life was marred not only by her illness but also by her husband's serious illnesses.
    • The focus is on the patient's response to the illness rather than on the illness itself.
    • There is an increased risk of injury from falls and people are more prone to seasonal illnesses like flu.
    • It's difficult to know who among us might be most susceptible to illness.
    • He died after a short illness.
    • The quicker the diagnosis is confirmed and the illness is treated , the better the outcome.