Translation of illusion in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ɪˈluʒən/ /ɪˈluːʒ(ə)n/

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  • 1

    (false appearance)
    to give / create an illusion of sth dar la impresión de algo
    • the mirrors gave the illusion that the room was larger los espejos daban la impresión de que la habitación era más grande
    • an optical illusion una ilusión óptica
    • a master of disguise and illusion un maestro del disfraz y el ilusionismo
    • Hallucinations and illusions are disturbances of perception that are common in people suffering from schizophrenia.
    • The intoxicated state is characterized by illusions, visual hallucinations and bodily distortions.
    • They also experienced visual illusions such as real objects appearing to move or pulsate.
    • Pilots are also trained to understand and avoid visual illusions, perceptions that differ from the way things really are.
    • Depersonalization, heightened perception, especially to light and sound, and illusions are also commonly reported.
    • When we peer out into the world is all that we see potentially a confabulation - a grand visual illusion staged by our brain?
    • Vivid hallucinations and delirious illusions may also occur.
    • They may have been linked to various illusions that can be experienced.
    • The same is true for visual illusions, hypoxia and other factors affecting interpretation as the brain receives information from the eyes.
    • In any case, puzzle fanatics will enjoy the many riddles, illusions, cryptograms and other mind-benders offered for analysis.
    • For more illusions and to understand the science behind them I highly recommend visiting this amazing website.
    • One might suppose that this preview allowed participants to notice and adjust for the effect of the illusion.
    • This artist is known for creating the most amazing visual illusions.
    • Her photos are viewed through an old stereoscope, which creates wonderful visual illusions.
    • The pub was decked up with a lot of theme decor and bizarre visual illusions.
    • The new technology uses a principle known as ‘wave field synthesis’ to create complex audio illusions for everyone within a defined space.
    • Also, don't forget to take a look at the optical illusions books below.
    • In addition, not all illusions are completely understood.
    • In this sense, the illusions that are attributed to the senses always involve false judgement.
    • I wowed him with an illusion involving a silk scarf and a cup with a false bottom.
  • 2

    (false idea)
    ilusión feminine
    • Man and house are thus a perfect match, as all the characters trapped in their own illusions and false expectations of Sancher end up more hurt than healed.
    • Our world will appear to crumble as we know it, as distractions, false voices, illusions and misconceptions will be taken away from us.
    • Believing that our beliefs are illusions, however, is self-refuting.
    • Great acting skills may not be one of his attributes, but then Fardeen is at least not under any false illusions.
    • Iyer spoke of ideas and illusions of India, of the mundane in one locale becoming the exotic in another.
    • But the biggest illusion is the idea that travelling on your own is all that wonderful.
    • To successfully pass this test we must face it properly without false illusions.
    • The library and police department also keep his number on file, but he doesn't harbor any illusions about his popularity.
    • Its best to let go expectations and illusions about yourself.
    • Liberalism now needs to be liberated from many of its own illusions and delusions.
    • Participating in new formations alongside leading figures who still have reformist ideas, it is claimed, will spread illusions in people with damaging politics.
    • And yet the abundance of God is a belief that both consoles our fears and deconstructs the illusions that hold us captive.
    • Because if He wouldn't do that, we'd just remain stuck in our illusions, unclear on the idea that God can do it all.
    • I watch icons smash and belief systems shatter and the illusions which have poisoned my mind begin to retreat.
    • We were at least under the illusion that we could have an idea, have a style, that wouldn't immediately be sold back to us.
    • He gives us a more troubled world, one with few illusions but still possessed of ideals, as Hitler's war machine draws its net around what is left of Europe.
    • People do buy into the illusion that they can experience a little dusting of celeb glamour by lining the pockets of already rich stars.
    • We've got to somehow - my own preference is to say we have to understand how we got to the illusion.
    • Many people today, however, cling to the illusion that gaining material wealth will be the key to all their problems.
    • ‘I don't have any illusions about the importance of writing stories,’ he added.