Translation of imagination in Spanish:


imaginación, n.

Pronunciation /ɪˌmædʒəˈneɪʃ(ə)n/ /ɪˌmadʒɪˈneɪʃ(ə)n/

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  • 1

    imaginación feminine
    what a wonderful imagination this child has! ¡qué imaginación / fantasía tiene este niño!
    • you're letting your imagination run away with you te estás dejando llevar por la imaginación
    • it's only your imagination son imaginaciones / figuraciones tuyas
    • the product failed to capture the public imagination el producto no atrajo / no despertó el interés del público
    • the book fired his imagination el libro dio vuelo a su imaginación
    • what were they doing? — use your imagination! ¿qué estaban haciendo? — pues, imagínatelo
    • He designed a series of lavish public celebrations to cement this image in the public imagination.
    • He said the tragedy still captured the public imagination and interest in it had not waned.
    • But one thing was undeniable; that children have vivid imaginations.
    • The fictional Cid, embodying the ideal Castilian, captured the popular imagination of generations.
    • And in one sense there's nothing new about them - humanoid automata have captured the popular imagination for centuries.
    • I set the milk to warm on the stove, telling myself to stop listening to my own overactive imagination.
    • At times, considerable patience and a vivid imagination are required to get from the words to the underlying economics.
    • Allowing young students to use their vivid imaginations helps them visualize their bodies moving in the water.
    • In the first half of the twentieth century the engineering feats that gripped the public imagination were urban and industrial.
    • His radio program gave him the opportunity to use his fertile imagination to develop innovative comedy sketches.
    • If nothing else, ginkgo seems to fire the imagination of ad writers.
    • And why does the grail continue to fire the imagination of writers and readers alike?
    • They also stimulate the imaginations of viewers, which is very personal and consequently very powerful.
    • The show compensated for narrative gaps with energetic appeals to the viewers' imagination.
    • Here, though, the great man's imagination had failed him.
    • Let your imagination roam freely over the facts you have collected.
    • Your proposal is embarrassingly optimistic, like the product of a child's imagination.
    • From the very beginning, then, landscape paintings have been products of artists' imaginations.
    • Constructed of pine, its painted surface is an exuberant expression of the artist's imagination and creativity.
    • One day as I was driving to a two-day business meeting, I let my imagination wander unchecked.
  • 2

    inventiva feminine
    imaginación feminine
    idea feminine
    • The first barrier is the lack of imagination and creativity in resourcing in schools.
    • The garden lacked beauty and mystery and I lacked creative imagination.
    • When will it dawn on them that we are capable of creating jobs by way of our own indigenous resources and imagination?
    • Was it a lack of mental ability, foresight and imagination that was needed many years ago to regenerate what was once a fine city?
    • My aim is to give the chance to create as much as possible in our minds, through creativity and imagination.
    • Invention and imagination were lacking in the home team's second-half effort.
    • The real treasures are the gardens, where imagination and creativity were given free rein.
    • They are literary parasites, the enemies of creativity and imagination.
    • There were so many that they surrounded you in a world of childhood fantasies, imagination, and creativity.
    • Judges placed high value on entries that demonstrated imagination, originality and flair.
    • They had handled this demanding project with a great deal of creativity and imagination.
    • York applied all the pressure with Leeds being forced to attack on the break, but they lacked imagination and guile.
    • One suspects that it is not nature's limitation so much as it is the author's lack of imagination.
    • There is a lack of imagination surrounding special educational provision in this area which is alarming.
    • Our attacking play didn't work out the way I wanted it to because we lacked imagination and clout in midfield.
    • In reality, their clothing demonstrated their complete lack of imagination.
    • The absence of dynamics throughout is due to a lack of imagination with the drum and bass work.
    • I am rather taken by his style, but am disappointed by his lack of imagination.
    • When they had possession their use of the ball lacked imagination or accuracy.
    • Well, perhaps it's a lack of imagination on the part of ownership.