Translation of immaturity in Spanish:


inmadurez, n.

Pronunciation /ˌɪməˈtʃʊrədi/ /ˌɪməˈtʃɔːrɪti/ /ˌɪməˈtʃʊərɪti/ /ˌɪməˈtjɔːrɪti/ /ˌɪməˈtjʊərɪti/

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  • 1

    (lack of development)
    inmadurez feminine
    • Humans, indeed most species, experience biological immaturity.
    • However, Rogers may not be able to overcome his immaturity, which has been an issue in the past.
    • This is due to immaturity of brainstem control of central respiratory drive.
    • Indeed, courts have recognized that developmental immaturity may qualify a juvenile for a finding of incompetence.
    • His immaturity, his lack of development, all this was borne out by the record through pretrial proceeding.
    • To some people, this is very appealing; to others, it is a mark of immaturity.
    • Children are often seen as too young to benefit from therapy because of linguistic and cognitive immaturity.
    • His reputation rests on his incisive critiques of literary and political innocence and immaturity.
    • We identified the cause in the policy itself and in the ideological immaturity of the people who had determined the line.
    • Stories and novels written by children in all times have for the most part borne the stamp of naivete and childish immaturity.
    • It keeps people in a state of immaturity.
    • I was perturbed at his apparent immaturity.
    • But then the comparison is taken literally too far and that is where Rang de Basanti turns dangerous because of its immaturity and illogic.
    • It is the manner in which we understand and articulate the physical reality of biological immaturity.
    • It does little to advance the debate, and simply indicates a measure of immaturity and intolerance.
    • On occasion he has shown the skills and power that persuaded Jordan to take him with the first pick despite his immaturity.
    • Embryo immaturity at the metabolic and physiological levels is not a contributing factor.
    • If social history is to be measured by coherent overall frameworks, it falls short - and immaturity is no longer an excuse.
    • This is just religious immaturity.
    • Immaturity may be a reason not to leave you to your own devices, but those who intervene cannot simply impose their choice on you.
  • 2

    inmadurez feminine
    falta de madurez feminine
    • The only thing that has held them back in recent years has been their own immaturity.
    • I must not use my temperament as an excuse for immaturity or belligerence.
    • I just don't see the joy of going around spreading your stupidity and immaturity.
    • By missing the start of training camp and not telling anyone, Brooks showed his immaturity.
    • Looking back on it, I was full of immaturity at that moment.
    • Vietnamese also honor reserve and modesty, attributing loudness and brashness to immaturity and vulgarity.
    • For teens, the combination of inexperience and immaturity provides the foundation for a high death rate.
    • Ironically, it was an act of immaturity by Brown that threatened to blow apart the Sixers.
    • Controls are needed because of the immaturity and foolishness of children, but also because of the natural tendency for rebellion.
    • They did and were satisfied it was just a random burst of immaturity.
    • It was a mindless and moronic act of political naivete and crass immaturity.
    • Now it's immaturity that is dogging this team, along with a glaring lack of chemistry.
    • She was concerned for her sister's happiness and frustrated by her immaturity
    • They say all that talk of immaturity on and off the field should cease.
    • The device should include a taped lecture on immaturity that automatically takes over the stereo when somebody turns up Eminem too loud.
    • His immaturity was breathtaking.
    • I received a rather interesting email from a reader about Leftist immaturity.
    • I'm not going to apologise for my blatant immaturity.
    • However, it is far more likely his eight-length defeat came from immaturity.
    • I respect him for his talent but can't stand him for his immaturity on the lanes when things aren't going his way.