Translation of imperceptibly in Spanish:


imperceptiblemente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈˌɪmpərˈsɛptəbli/ /ˌɪmpəˈsɛptəbli/


  • 1

    • On the first song, chimes segue imperceptibly into electronic bleeps.
    • Constantly raising the level of tension, almost imperceptibly, is clearly his forte.
    • In some extraordinary way the Kennedy visit seemed imperceptibly to usher Ireland from the past tense into the present tense.
    • An almost imperceptibly inclined roof shades an external terrace.
    • Imperceptibly, the play penetrates you, moves you to share the author's compassion.
    • By the fourth track, the piano is becoming increasingly familiar, like an acquaintance imperceptibly becoming a friend.
    • And she sighed, and looked down at her hands, and then nodded imperceptibly.
    • Wet spring had merged imperceptibly into bleak autumn.
    • Most of the Antarctic ice sheet moves imperceptibly slowly but nevertheless surely.
    • The wife is a thoroughly odious creature, but by the end, the author has cleverly, imperceptibly subverted the reader's sympathies.