Translation of imply in Spanish:


dar a entender, v.

Pronunciation /ɪmˈplaɪ/ /ɪmˈplʌɪ/

transitive verb implies, implying, implied

  • 1

    (suggest, hint)
    dar a entender
    he didn't say that, but he did imply it no dijo eso, pero lo dio a entender / lo insinuó
    • silence implies consent el que calla otorga
    • what are you implying? ¿qué insinúas?
    • implied warranty garantía implícita
    • Her words were ripped out of context and her speech was widely reported as implying her support for terrorism.
    • The rebirth implied by the concept of the Renaissance had reference to classical learning.
    • These data imply that kava extract is superior to placebo as a symptomatic treatment of anxiety.
    • Both claims are often implied in arguments, but rarely made explicit.
    • I have never said that we will win because that rather implies you know what voters are going to do.
    • When he started as Labour leader the cartoonists saw him as Bambi, referring to that smiley expression as well as implying a certain naivety.
    • Believe it or not, this was a pejorative term, implying unrealistic ambitions.
    • He was implying that learning about something could somehow contaminate you; that knowledge could corrupt.
    • He stressed he was not implying wrongdoing by anyone connected with the Minster.
    • To say this is to imply that racism can simply be washed away, wished away or ignored.
    • He seems to imply that domestic violence, especially against women, isn't that big a deal.
    • Of course, that one doesn't protest about a thing doesn't necessarily imply endorsement of it.
    • The results also imply that statins could help treat rheumatoid arthritis and other auto-immune diseases.
    • At the same time, the original article strongly implied that the memo came from the GOP.
    • The book's very title implies acceptance of the classic distinction in philosophy between matter and form.
    • The relative absence of women in this public sphere automatically implies their lack of power.
    • He said: "They were clearly implying impropriety on my part."
    • They were very clever in the way in which they implied what was going on.
    • The new finding implies that our own galaxy is probably much bigger than textbooks say.
    • This implied that there could be more than a single correct answer to the same question.
  • 2

    • Caring about the consequences of events of which you disapproved does not imply support for those events.
    • To suggest so implies a deep misunderstanding of the nature of consciousness.
    • Of course, that one doesn't protest about a thing doesn't necessarily imply endorsement of it.
    • Theft from a major museum need not necessarily imply neglect or faulty security systems.
    • It was a kind gesture but one that would be unlikely today because it might imply culpability and lead to litigation.
    • Excuse me for being slightly cynical, but going to a film doesn't necessarily imply a dose of culture.
    • Amassing more data does not necessarily imply the acquisition of better information.
    • The growth of formal law necessarily implies a decline in other forms of social cohesion, or glue.
    • Immunogenicity does not necessarily imply opsonising antibody production.
    • This objection presupposes that group differences imply essential conflicts of interest.
    • This may or may not be an error, but it does not necessarily imply a systemic failing.
    • Caring for and protecting the historic environment does not imply opposing change.
    • Of course, the real picture is much more complicated than this statistic implies.
    • Patronage politics implied the distribution of positions as well as benefits of various forms.
    • Our position in no way implied political support for the Democratic Party.
    • High levels do not necessarily imply cancer, but indicate the need for a fuller investigation.
    • Videogames imply conflict, either between players, or a single player battling a computer.
    • Sitting on a fence does not imply a lack of commitment, it simply gives one the option on which side to get off.
    • Check the underside for signs of heavy scuffing as this could imply track use.
    • Although these models imply the possibility of negative interest rates, the chance is very low with well chosen parameters.