Translation of imprecise in Spanish:


impreciso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌɪmprəˈsaɪs/ /ɪmprɪˈsʌɪs/

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    • His notes and recollection were at times unclear, imprecise or entirely lacking.
    • In a very loose and imprecise sense that may be accurate but it is not accurate for the purpose of proper analysis.
    • Any definition of qualitative research would be elusive, vague, and imprecise.
    • That memorandum is in somewhat general and imprecise terms.
    • I try to persuade them that holistic medicine need not be, indeed must not be, woolly and imprecise.
    • All I did was illustrate how absurd and imprecise your label was with another absurd and imprecise label.
    • Writing about graphic design unfortunately tends to be imprecise when not wholly inaccurate.
    • I suspect that the definition of spoiled child is as imprecise and variable as the kids you are likely to meet.
    • The diagnosis of PND is becoming increasingly imprecise, with no agreed and universally accepted symptoms.
    • It is always more difficult to try and justify the status quo than to wave the banner for a bold, if imprecise, vision of things to come.
    • Age can be determined, but it is imprecise and the final decision could well be up to individual inspectors.
    • Compared to music, he felt that words were imprecise and crude when describing emotions.
    • The administration of justice is a very, very imprecise science.
    • As we noted earlier, the distinction between CIHD and other heart diseases is imprecise.
    • Traditionally determinism has been given various, usually imprecise definitions.
    • These are important methods for looking into the past, but relatively imprecise for dating events.
    • He made the very good point that the draft bill is imprecise.
    • Most stores will not be held liable if your custom window coverings do not fit due to your imprecise measurements.
    • A stimulant is a rather imprecise term used for a variety of different kinds of drug, some with medical uses and others with only recreational use.
    • The biggest source of error about the size and shape of the Sun is imprecise knowledge about the size and shape of the Moon.