Translation of improve in Spanish:


mejorar, v.

Pronunciation /ɪmˈpruv/ /ɪmˈpruːv/

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transitive verb

  • 1

    (design/results/product) mejorar
    (chances) aumentar
    I want to improve my German quiero mejorar mi alemán
    • that new hairstyle has improved her looks ese nuevo peinado la favorece mucho
    • it improves your chances of promotion aumenta tus posibilidades de ascenso
    • to improve one's mind cultivarse
    • What should be done is use the money from the resulting fines to improve road safety conditions in these areas.
    • For a short time his condition seemed to be improving but later on in the week he contracted pneumonia and one of his lungs collapsed.
    • Book cover design has improved drastically since the middle of the last decade.
    • All aspects of sleep performance were significantly improved in the intervention group.
    • Treatment for the condition has improved significantly in recent years following the introduction of a number of new drugs.
    • Outcomes were significantly improved with combination therapy.
    • All physical symptoms improved substantially in the first month of antidepressant use but plateaued during the course of the study.
    • While the march of technology continually improves our health, it creates new scenarios and novel questions.
    • His condition gradually improved over the course of several weeks of inpatient treatment.
    • Many also said that their health markedly improved when they began volunteer work.
    • In developed countries over the past 30 years, better perinatal care has considerably improved these outcomes.
    • Sinusitis has been associated with asthma severity, and consistently, asthma symptoms frequently improve after sinusitis treatment.
    • If the economy improves towards the end of this year, as expected, interest rates will start to rise.
    • Hotels, food, facilities, transport and entertainment have all improved beyond recognition.
    • On the face of it, our lives have improved beyond recognition.
    • If the patient improves with the use of medication, no further evaluation may be necessary.
    • With Wednesday's win, his record improves to three wins in seven starts.
    • In fact, verbal ability and other knowledge-based abilities seem to improve with age.
    • Ultimately, the goal is to establish more accountability and improve teaching.
    • She said Bali's living conditions have now improved due to the increase in the tourism industry.
  • 2

    (property/premises) hacer mejoras en

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (situation/weather/work) mejorar
    (chances) aumentar
    his health has improved su salud ha mejorado
    • things can only improve las cosas no pueden sino mejorar
    • let's hope the weather improves esperemos que mejore el tiempo
    • she's improved since she's been living on her own ha mejorado / está mejor desde que vive sola
    • her work has improved beyond all recognition su trabajo ha mejorado increíblemente
    • he improves on acquaintance cae mejor a medida que uno lo va conociendo
    • to improve with age/use mejorar con el tiempo/uso
    • this cake improves with keeping este pastel mejora si se lo guarda un tiempo

reflexive verb

  • 1