Translation of impulse buying in Spanish:

impulse buying

compras impulsivas, n.


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    compras impulsivas feminine
    • Is that something like impulse buying at the supermarket?
    • Big savings can be made by curtailing impulse buying and tracking every expense and interest rate charge, creating a budget plan and sticking to it.
    • When sales shopping, Sally advises against impulse buying - that's how mistakes are made.
    • He explained that the new system allowed shops to have packaged CDs on display which helped encourage impulse buying.
    • Instead of impulse buying, though, we decided to sleep on it - not literally, of course.
    • Learn to save money on everyday purchases by shopping around, and avoid impulse buying.
    • I read this article that said the typical symptoms of stress are eating too much, impulse buying, and driving too fast.
    • Right now I have a huge, I mean huge bag of clothes and shoes and hideous reminders of impulse buying and/or bad taste that I'm sure will look tasteful and chic on someone browsing the goodwill bins.
    • Elise owned dozens of outfits - truthfully, she was as bad as he was when it came to impulse buying - but he'd never seen her wear more than four of them.
    • Teach children to plan their purchases and avoid impulse buying; have them practice comparison shopping by checking prices at different locations.