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: in1IN2


en, prep

Pronunciation /ɪn/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(indicating place, location)

      in the drawer/kitchen en el cajón/en la cocina
      • in Detroit/Japan en Detroit/en (el) Japón
      • our friends in Detroit nuestros amigos de Detroit
      • he's in a meeting está en una reunión
      • I've got something in my eye tengo algo en el ojo
      • who's that in the photo? ¿quién es ese de la foto?
      • in here/there aquí/allí dentro
      • in life/business en la vida/los negocios
      • to go out/lie in the sun salir/tumbarse al sol
      • in the rain bajo la lluvia
      • you can't go out in this weather no puedes salir con este tiempo
      • he was sitting in the dark/shade estaba sentado en la oscuridad / en lo oscuro/a / en la sombra
      • in the moonlight a la luz de la luna

    • 1.2

      the highest mountain in Italy la montaña más alta de Italia
      • the best restaurant in town el mejor restaurante de la ciudad

  • 2

    (indicating movement)
    he went in the shop entró en la tienda
    • they jumped in the pool se tiraron a la piscina
    • come in here ven aquí dentro
    • go in there entra ahí
  • 3

    • 3.1(during)

      come in the afternoon/morning ven por la tarde/por la mañana
      • at four o'clock in the morning/afternoon a las cuatro de la mañana/tarde
      • in spring/January/1924 en primavera/enero/1924
      • never in my life nunca en mi vida
      • I haven't seen her in years hace años que no la veo
      • in old age en la vejez
      • in her old age she became more tolerant de vieja se volvió más tolerante
      • he's in his forties tiene cuarenta y tantos

    • 3.2(at the end of)

      dentro de
      in two months / two months' time dentro de dos meses
      • I'll be back in a minute vuelvo dentro de un minuto / en un minuto
      • she's going in two weeks se va dentro de dos semanas

    • 3.3(in the space of)

      she did it in three hours lo hizo en tres horas

  • 4

    • 4.1(indicating manner)

      in a low voice en voz baja
      • in dollars en dólares
      • in French en francés
      • they sat in a circle se sentaron en un círculo
      • in rows/groups en filas/grupos
      • in twos de dos en dos
      • cut it in half córtalo por la mitad
      • they came in their thousands vinieron miles y miles
      • to work in wood trabajar con madera
      • to paint in oils pintar al óleo
      • in bronze/silk de / en bronce/seda
      • write in ink/pencil escriba con tinta/lápiz
      • sonata in A minor sonata en la menor

    • 4.2(wearing)

      he turned up in a suit apareció de traje
      • the woman in the yellow hat la mujer del sombrero amarillo
      • she was all in green iba toda de verde
      • I look terrible in this esto me queda horrible
      • are you going in that dress? ¿vas a ir con ese vestido?

  • 5

    (indicating circumstances, state)
    in sickness and in health en la salud y en la enfermedad
    • in danger/a terrible state en peligro/muy mal estado
    • the company is in difficulties/debt la empresa está pasando dificultades/está endeudada
    • to be in a good mood estar de buen humor
    • they gazed in admiration/disbelief miraban admirados/incrédulos
    • he's in pain está dolorido
    • they live in luxury viven en la opulencia
  • 6

    (indicating occupation, membership, participation)
    he's in insurance/advertising trabaja en seguros/publicidad
    • I was in the army estuve en el ejército
    • are you in this scene? ¿actúas / sales en esta escena?
    • we're all in this together estamos todos metidos en esto
  • 7

    (indicating personal characteristics)
    it's not in his nature / character to bear a grudge no es de las personas que guardan rencor
    • that's rare in a man of his age eso es poco común en un hombre de su edad
    • it's not in her to be deceitful es incapaz de engañar a la gente
    • I never thought she had it in her to get that far nunca creí que iba a ser capaz de llegar tan lejos
  • 8

    (in respect of, as regards)
    it's 20cm in width mide / tiene 20cm de ancho
    • they are eight in number son ocho
    • low in calories bajo en calorías
    • she's deaf in one ear es sorda de un oído
    • they are very similar in character tienen un carácter muy parecido
  • 9

    (indicating ratio)
    one in four uno de cada cuatro
    • she's a girl in a million es única
  • 10

    • 10.1

      in so doing, they set a precedent al hacerlo, sentaron precedente


  • 1

    • 1.1(inside)

      is the cat in? ¿el gato está dentro?
      • in you go! ¡entra!
      • she's in for theft está en la cárcel por robo
      • Mr Gilburn, who failed to appear in court, is thought to have moved in with a friend who lives locally.
      • He was in New York for the premiere of Tommy in 1975 and had decided to pop in on his admirer while he was in town.
      • The phone line for the office was put in on time and later today I am hoping to set up my internet connection.
      • Within the walls of the medina, the buildings close in on you, and you are taken into cool shadow.
      • ‘Anna! Are you alright?’ Evan asked, jumping in after me.
      • The we went in and sat down and lots of other people were there.
      • There he burst in on an astonished young American couple and ran past them into a bedroom.
      • Apparently, we are going to be able to put plastic in with our cans and bottles.
      • They were finally caught out when one brother got their shifts mixed up and walked in on a romantic meal for two.
      • Two weeks later, I had another appointment in the city and I was supposed to go in with my son again.
      • I think the child had been feeding the ducks when he fell in.
      • The story goes that he was working in a café one night when a pop star popped in for some grub.
      • I had no idea he was going to be there until he walked in with his girlfriend.
      • I was the one who didn't want to get too serious, so I was surprised when he asked me to move in with him.
      • If you'd been here an hour ago, you'd have seen the girl come in with her friend.
      • Teams are reminded that bonus points are not awarded when the result card is not sent in on time.

    • 1.2(at home, work)

      is Lisa in? ¿está Lisa?
      • there was nobody in no había nadie
      • Mr Strauch isn't in today hoy no está / no ha venido el señor Strauch
      • Jane's never in before nine Jane nunca llega antes de las nueve

  • 2

    • 2.1(in position)

      she had her curlers/teeth in llevaba / tenía los rulos/dientes puestos
      • the clutch has to be fully in hay que meter el embrague hasta el fondo
      • She had previously enjoyed food with nuts in, including breakfast cereals, and she had eaten chicken curries at other restaurants.
      • Staying in on a day like this is criminal.
      • She turned to the government for help and they found her an apartment for her to live in.
      • Cases of domestic violence rose as families stayed in on New Year's Eve to avoid the bad weather.
      • Shut in with his cronies, he sees the world as his enemy and opposition to his will as personal affront.
      • Kathy gave me a cup of tea with sugar in to help calm me.
      • We've had them for a good few years now - they were in with another box of books we bought.
      • Sixth grade was handled by general instructors, and each class was locked in with one instructor all day long.

    • 2.2(at destination)

      the train isn't in yet el tren no ha llegado todavía
      • application forms must be in by October 5 las solicitudes deben entregarse antes del 5 de octubre
      • the harvest is already in ya se ha recogido la cosecha
      • Their first pieces of work would be due in on Wednesday or Thursday of first week.
      • I'm a bit disappointed that my flight out is Friday afternoon, which allowing for time differences gets in at 8pm.
      • Bearing in mind the flight is due in at 11.20 pm, you'll watch its progress on the internet up to 20 minutes before it's due to land.
      • Entries must be in by 5pm.
      • Becky's train actually managed to get in on time.

    • 2.3(available, in stock)

      is the book I ordered in yet? ¿ha llegado ya el libro que encargué?

    • 2.4(in power)

      en el poder
      they're back in están nuevamente en el poder

  • 3

    → see also get in with
    we were in on the planning stage participamos en la planificación
    • we're doing the bank job tonight: are you in or not? esta noche asaltamos el banco ¿te apuntas o no?
    • you're in for a big surprise te vas a llevar una buena sorpresa
    • I'm in for the 100m me he apuntado a los 100 metros
  • 4

    (in time)
    más tarde
    three weeks in tres semanas más tarde


  • 1

    • 1.1 informal (fashionable)

      black is in this season el negro está de moda / es lo que se lleva esta temporada
      • jazz was the in thing el jazz era lo que estaba de moda
      • the in place el lugar de moda
      • Luigi's was a large and crowded restaurant that was clearly the in place for the in-crowd.
      • The very in words are slammin' and rockin'.
      • This year, monochromatic colors are the in thing.
      • In addition to statement T-shirts, graphic T-shirts are in this year.
      • Way back when beards were in, mawkish mystics brought forth the concept album.
      • He even let his membership lapse at Au Bar, the in club.

    • 1.2(exclusive, private)

      an in joke un chiste para iniciados
      • the in crowd el grupito

  • 2

    (in tennis, badminton, etc)
    the ball was in la pelota fue buena
    • Before I even came off the pick, I felt the shot was in.
    • As you can see, I held my finish and barely looked up even as the ball went in.
    • I don't think I got any first serves in today.


  • 1

    (people in office)
    the ins los que están en el poder

There are 2 main translations of IN in Spanish

: in1IN2


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