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    the best in in-car entertainment lo mejor en equipos de música para su coche
    • Wolfson also sells chips to TomTom, the Dutch-owned maker of in-car navigation systems.
    • Cup holders were neatly situated for in-car picnics.
    • Other likely initial targets include in-car navigation systems and PDAs.
    • Good examples here include high street coffee shops and in-car satellite navigation systems.
    • We took the revolutionary BioNav in-car navigation system out for a road test.
    • Aasco Motorsports will carry three in-car cameras to highlight all of the action.
    • This allows drivers to control everything from audio and telephone settings to the in-car satellite navigation system by simply touching a screen.
    • Currently the market for in-car navigation systems is small and limited to high-end or luxury cars.
    • With traffic information revenues appearing flat at best, growth efforts now encompass in-car navigation, vehicle tracking and fleet service systems.
    • Cheaper in-car systems use mapping stored on a CD.
    • Based in Leeds, one system uses an in-car device linked to roadside transmitters which physically prevents the vehicle exceeding a pre-set limit.
    • At present drivers can receive traffic information by calling one of many jam-busting hot lines or via in-car systems such as Trafficmaster.
    • Also on offer is an in-car DVD system with back-of-headrest monitor and headphones, which is fully removable for use in the home.
    • At that point he activated the in-car audio recording system and decided to call for back up.
    • A silver flat screen TV glistens on the dashboard showing off the in-car navigation, DVD and Playstation.
    • Mitsubishi developed the first in-car navigation system, the first active cruise control system and the first electric power steering.
    • With a sheer flood of devices announced every month we decided it was time to scour the market and find out what such systems are capable of for in-car navigation.
    • While it's not the only navigation system on the market it is fantastically useful, giving you the capabilities of an in-car system, with spoken directions and more.
    • It worked only fitfully, and the discs failed to work in some kinds of CD players, notably in-car systems.
    • But other in-car gadgets, such as GPS systems, stereos and DVD players have been branded as dangerous distractions for motorists.