Translation of in-service in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈˌɪn ˈˌsərvəs/


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    • in-service training
    • Shipanga said the successful bidders will be given in-service training.
    • Final year students are currently involved in 5 months of in-service training, he said.
    • But, he said, initial teacher training and in-service training should include advice and help on limiting voice strain problems.
    • It also provides in-service training, business development advice and advanced skills courses for those already in the trade.
    • Stone provides in-service training to health-care workers regarding adequate oral care for the dependent adult population.
    • He said budget problems this year had been worsened by Government decisions to switch off or reduce the value of various grants, for example towards in-service training for teachers.
    • One suggested structure for in-service training involves a fifteen-minute briefing with staff from different areas each day.
    • The programme provides in-service training for teachers, parent education and personal safety education for children at primary school level.
    • Our teachers do not receive enough in-service training and this leads to poor teaching.
    • Preservice training is more cost effective in the longer term, but in-service training remains essential for rapid improvements in quality of care.
    • This requires daily travelling to those companies for in-service training and for consultations with thesis supervisors.
    • Education and skills training were identified during individual performance reviews, and in-service training is held weekly and open to all.
    • Effective in-service training can be planned by conducting a pretraining survey at the beginning of the school year.
    • Teachers were given in-service training, and encouraged to upgrade their qualifications by being given study grants.
    • The Midland Health Board schools team is involved in the delivery of in-service training on drugs health education in schools.
    • Half of local primary, secondary school teachers and school administrators would receive in-service training within nine months.
    • Take the information that police and magistrates receive in in-service training and/or seminars on the subject.
    • They will do in-service training, as there will be no assessments.
    • This course can mesh in with part-time theological study, ministry development and in-service training.
    • Is it something that one can never fully master, so in-service training would be helpful?