Translation of inattention in Spanish:


falta de atención, n.

Pronunciation /ˌɪnəˈtɛn(t)ʃ(ə)n/ /ɪnəˈtɛnʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    (lack of attention)
    falta de atención feminine
    distracción feminine
    inattention to sth falta de atención a algo
    • And many catastrophes follow from a moment of inattention.
    • At work I've been making a few errors due to inattention.
    • The most common fault, after inattention, is for drivers to follow too closely.
    • In the present case I think there was more than mere inadvertence or inattention.
    • What was a graceful and vibrant part of the city has become tired and tawdry as the ravages of time and inattention over the last 15 years have taken their toll.
  • 2

    desinterés masculine
    her husband's inattention el desinterés de su marido
    • The executive areas of the brain, which are responsible for your, oftentimes, inattention to detail.
    • Your suggestion to come upstairs saved me from having to bark at the lad for his inattention.
    • He ran swiftly about from object to object, rapidly lecturing their inattention.
    • At work I've been making a few errors due to inattention.
    • A blog will thrive, live a banal life or just die from inattention.
    • The city soon felt the pain of the government's inattention.
    • A benign endurance, a sort of affable inattention, settles like snow upon the landscape.
    • Instead of throwing players out of practice for lack of effort or inattention to detail, he sends them into a workout room.
    • The direct route tends to be blocked through inattention to detail, misunderstood directions, missed appointments.
    • We must not, by inattention, stoke the fires of resentment among our own population.
    • A greater problem may be the relative inattention currently paid to the conceptual tools needed to shift gears to new forms of news delivery.
    • Treatment professionals could rationalize their inattention to difference by citing underutilization of treatment resources by many minority groups.
    • Inattention, often linked to fatigue, is the most common cause of motorway accidents.
    • My inattention could have caused a serious injury or death.
    • I read in the Wall Street Journal that a new "plague of inattention" is taking over.
    • It can only prey on offensive mistakes or inattention.
    • Give me an example where for example, things have gone wrong with air crew, which are an example of this inattention to task.
    • In these cramped dock quarters, plants rarely suffer from inattention.
    • These girls parents failed them, either through inattention or condoning the abuse.
    • For readers unfamiliar with Brazilian geography this inattention will be confusing.