Translation of incentive in Spanish:


incentivo, n.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈsɛn(t)ɪv/ /ɪnˈsɛntɪv/

Definition of incentivo in Spanish


  • 1

    incentivo masculine
    aliciente masculine
    estímulo masculine
    they need to be given an incentive necesitan que se les dé un incentivo (or aliciente etc.)
    • a cash incentive una bonificación
    • he had no incentive to diet no tenía ningún aliciente / incentivo para hacer régimen
    • incentive bonus prima de incentivación
    • incentive scheme plan de incentivos
    • Childcare grants are among a range of incentives geared at encouraging more parents to run for district council seats.
    • York residents are set to be offered incentives to encourage them to recycle more of their household waste.
    • As well as the natural health benefits, the patient also gets motivation and incentives for better health.
    • Where's the incentive to improve things when everything is handed to them on a platter?
    • The bill seeks to offer incentives for farmers to open their land for hunting.
    • He said that this is an added incentive for farmers to make use of the facility.
    • Customers finally have an incentive to actually test Linux and open source software.
    • Extra incentives will also be offered to childcare providers to encourage them to set up in areas of high need.
    • If bad deeds are encouraged and condoned, this merely provides an incentive for them to multiply.
    • Secondly, serious incentives need to be in place to encourage donations not only of money but also of property.
    • What we would like to hear next is an improvement in incentives for teachers.
    • Perhaps they need the incentive of seeing the team improve and develop in other areas to sustain their effort.
    • Without hunting, there would be less incentive for farmers to conserve wildlife habitat.
    • Carnival organisers laid on extra incentives to make the event more attractive to entrants this time around.
    • Since there really is no good reason for you buy this stuff I'm providing an incentive to do so.
    • Potential clients are lured into opening accounts with all sorts of gimmicks as incentives.
    • One way to encourage children is to give them an incentive or reward if they do well in their exams.
    • This eliminates incentives for the political abuse of the courts and it makes the laws enforceable.
    • Success and failure are both the necessary incentives to learn and to grow.
    • One problem is lack of incentive for employers - especially small employers - to take on apprentices.