Translation of inch in Spanish:


pulgada, n.

Pronunciation /ɪn(t)ʃ/

Definition of pulgada in Spanish


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    (2,54 centímetros) pulgada feminine
    two inches of rain/snow dos pulgadas de lluvia/nieve
    • his strength makes up for his lack of inches lo que no tiene en estatura lo compensa en fuerza
    • I need to lose a few inches around the waist tengo que adelgazar un poco de cintura
    • A meter is about three feet and three inches and a kilometer equals about six tenths of a mile.
    • Arriving there, Legrand noted one particular ledge about twelve inches wide and eighteen inches long, several feet below the top of the rock.
    • Progress can be slow; you measure it in inches and feet, not miles or kilograms.
    • Are you sure you are measuring in inches and not centimeters?
    • The boys take out a measuring tape and measure her: she is four feet, 10 inches tall.
    • He was a rather small man and stood only a few inches above Mary, who one could measure at five feet and four inches.
    • The original instrument is a wooden tube (possibly of Yew wood), slightly tapered, and measuring six foot four inches in length.
    • It was big, maybe eighteen inches from feet to head.
    • Together, the two measured 82 feet 5 inches in length and were launched vertically.
    • There were two beds shoved in either corner of the room with about a foot to eighteen inches of room in between each one.
    • The prints are available in various sizes from 8 by 10 inches to 44 inches by 10 feet.
    • Each one had six feet by eighteen inches to call their own and the privacy was almost nil.
    • When you use this routine, set the input units to feet and inches.
    • I still talk about acres, yards, feet and inches; not forgetting gallons and pints and also hundredweights pounds and ounces.
    • Then she took a tape measure from her pocket, took the measurement and said, ‘Eighteen feet, six inches,’ and walked away.
    • The square measured approximately two inches from side to side.
    • The units can be feet, inches or any other measurement, so long as it's consistent.
    • The size is due to a screen which measures a massive four inches diagonally.
    • We asked the surgeon, are you talking millimeters, centimeters, inches?
    • She weighed 186 pounds and was five feet four inches tall.

intransitive verb

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    moverse lentamente
    moverse paso a paso
    to inch forward avanzar lentamente / paso a paso
    • to inch out salir poco a poco
    • As I sat on a bus today, inching along in traffic, it became clear to me that all buses should be free.
    • Stealthily, you inch along a narrow and foreboding corridor.
    • The light was inching along slowly, but it had almost finished its circuit.
    • Work on the long anticipated National Pension Scheme has been inching along slowly but surely.
    • Asha slowly inched along the wall, but Lucas followed her, practically stepping on top of her.
    • Mackenzie inched along slowly as he probed for sure footing with each step.
    • Rachel inched along the edge of the shrubbery towards the opposite side of the fountain.
    • We moved silently, talking in whispers, inching along on our scraping skis.
    • The traffic seemed to be inching along for the first 30 minutes and there was plenty of time to look around.
    • I sat upstairs and squinted into shop windows as the bus inched along.
    • ‘It is always a magical experience to come back here,’ says Caroline as we inch along the banks of the salmon stream flowing past the lodge.
    • Limited visibility due to heavy rain and massive traffic jams forced us to inch along in the Blazer.
    • Turning away to look helplessly at Kaethe, he inched sideways along the wall like a retreating crab.
    • I inched along the bottom, lying as flat as I could and head-on, as far as I could judge, to the direction of the moving water.
    • The room was pitch black as he entered and inched along the carpeted floor.
    • Aubrey let go of my shoulders and we inched along the fallen rocks, his hand between my shoulder blades.
    • It was a slow day for all concerned as South Africa inched along at barely three runs an over, but they had their plan and they were sticking with it.
    • When I was on the other side, I lowered myself to my belly and inched along the hardwood floor.
    • He inched along the wooden corridor holding his breath and gritting his teeth with each step.
    • At this point, Jenni had begun to inch away along the wall, palms pressed against the rough surface of the wall.

transitive verb

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    to inch one's way avanzar lentamente
    • we are inching our way toward a solution estamos avanzando lentamente hacia una solución
    • Aleck tried to pull the ring off, by slowly inching it forward and twisting from side to side, but had no luck either.
    • They kept begging and pleading with him, but he kept relentlessly inching the vehicle forward.
    • Only the edge of her profile was visible, so I inched it forward to get a better view.
    • He would slowly inch his finger into the case while his comrades watched, rubbing their hands together in maniacal glee.
    • He inched his little body forward slightly and started to nibble.
    • Retrieving the pot from the center of the table, Lorna refilled his cup and inched it forward.
    • As he inched the jeep forward, Jim could see that the asteroid debris in this area was disturbed.
    • The engine revved as she gunned it, then inched it forward and down over the bank onto the solid gravel beside the water.
    • Perhaps mine just has a slippery slope and I have been slowly inching my family toward the sharp edge of the cliff.
    • The diesel engine purrs and inches the boat forward, allowing tall waves to strike the boat sideways.
    • When the movie resumed, Jude slowly began inching my blanket onto him.
    • She placed her hand on the door frame, carefully inching the side of her body around to see…
    • So as she saw him slowly inching his face to hers, she couldn't help but inch toward him as well.
    • As the theater grows dark, Kyle shuts up, puts his popcorn in his lap, and slowly inches his arm around the back of Kenzie's seat.
    • His hands found the zipper at the back of her dress and slowly inched it down, not wanting to startle her.
    • The screwdriver barely fit, and he was just tall enough to reach it, but it was enough, and he started to slowly inch the screws out of the door.
    • He suddenly snapped his gaze onto me and glared, causing me to slowly inch my body away from him in fear.
    • Slowly, millimetre by careful millimetre, she inched her hand towards the pouch.
    • Rondo screeched as she was bashed by winter seas so big and heavy that they slowly inched the ship across the 100 ft-wide island.
    • I inched my foot over towards Kira, lifting it up over her tiny, sandaled toes.