Translation of incident in Spanish:


incidente, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɪnsəd(ə)nt/ /ˈɪnsɪd(ə)nt/

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  • 1

    incidente masculine
    episodio masculine
    the day passed without incident el día transcurrió sin incidentes
    • The occurrence and magnitude of incidents related to economic, social and political instability are unpredictable.
    • Over the years Arthur has had many amusing incidents happen to him.
    • I would like to relate a recent incident that happened to one of my friends in her 30s.
    • Space permits me to relate just two incidents that happened recently to members of the running fraternity in Sligo.
    • All reasonable people understand that acts of God, accidents, or incidents will happen that will affect the quality of drinking water.
    • Finally she calmed down and, regaining composure, proceeded with the wedding as if the incident had never happened.
    • All of these incidents started happening a year ago next year.
    • In a bizarre but later understandable chain of events, an incident happened in seconds that ruined the lives of four men and ended that of a fifth.
    • He saw that she showed no sign of being scared on account of the occurrence of a political incident.
    • Similar explosive incidents happen regularly around the world and occasionally get into the press, or in Japan, on experimental TV.
    • Wildlife rescuers said they were shocked and devastated by three incidents, which have happened in the past week.
    • Then a couple of incidents happened one after the other that changed my life.
    • When these incidents happen it is wasteful for the time of business people travelling through.
    • Lipton survived the affair and told shareholders the incident had happened years before and the practice had been given up.
    • It chronicles where the incident happened, when, and in what circumstances.
    • Opposition councillors have questioned how the incident was allowed to happen in the first place.
    • The incident happened in 1994 as mourners gathered after the funeral of the boy's grandfather.
    • That's one of the really fun things about writing - you can take incidents that happened to you, and you can relate them and make them part of somebody else's story.
    • I would like to relate to you and your readers an incident that happened to me not long ago and express my gratitude and admiration for all those involved.
    • The embarrassing incident happened just a day after their debut album ‘Handshakes for Bullets’ was released.
  • 2

    incidente masculine
    there were several bloody incidents hubo varios hechos de sangre
    • The drivers claim they are at risk because of the nature of the job, and say that police have not been responding efficiently to emergency calls following assaults and violent incidents.
    • Four footballers are facing court cases arising out of two separate alleged incidents involving violent assaults.
    • Other incidents included violent disturbances, assault on a 23-year-old man, shouting threats to kill and spitting at residents.
    • Airedale Hospital in rural Steeton, near Keighley, has had nearly 140 reported violent incidents last year, ranging from verbal abuse to actual assault.
    • The assault was the latest in a series of violent incidents involving bus crews in Yorkshire which has led to a series of suspensions and threatened withdrawals of bus services.
    • The court heard that there had been two earlier violent incidents before the fatal confrontation.
    • Most patients were young lads with a Northern Irish accent, usually victims of violent incidents like stone throwing, assaults, or even punishment beatings.
    • Women have been warned to be on their guard following a spate of violent incidents involving men posing as private hire taxi drivers.
    • In May, Davie police charged him with domestic violence and aggravated assault after the incident with the hammer.
    • But most of the incidents were fighting between individuals, minor public order incidents and minor assaults.
    • Such is the prevalence of workplace violence that an entire industry has sprung up dedicated to predicting violent incidents and attempting to prevent them.
    • But another resident, who asked not to be named, said she was considering leaving the area after hearing of several unrelated but violent incidents in Portswood and Inner Avenue.
    • Humberside Police launched the amnesty today in a bid to get the deadly weapons off the streets, and said there had been 84 recorded incidents of violent crime in the area in January and February alone.
    • The incident happened in the afternoon near the main bus stand in the communally sensitive North Gujarat town, which has witnessed several violent incidents in recent weeks.
    • Shockingly, even a teacher is listed as a perpetrator in a Yorkshire council's tables, which show a total of 173 racist incidents from name-calling to assault.
    • They were given unrestricted access to officers and police documentation, and attended events and incidents as they happened.
    • A few days ago a man was sentenced to death for two separate incidents that occurred about a year ago - deliberately knocking two women off their scooters and trying to steal their bags.
    • The first incident happened when riot police were called to a ‘serious’ disturbance between rival fans at the pub.
    • Police are investigating two incidents that occurred within hours of each other on opposite sides of the city.
    • The woman was left shocked but uninjured after the incident, which happened at about 6.10 pm yesterday.