Translation of including in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ɪnˈkludɪŋ/ /ɪnˈkluːdɪŋ/


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    he wants to see us all, including you quiere vernos a todos, incluyéndote a ti
    • including the introduction, the book runs to 300 pages incluyendo / contando la introducción, el libro tiene 300 páginas
    • there'll be seven of us, including you and me incluyéndonos a nosotros dos, seremos siete en total
    • up to and including page 25/21st May hasta la página 25/el 21 de mayo inclusive
    • they all liked it, including Paul a todos les gustó, incluso / hasta a Paul
    • the bill came to £20 including service la cuenta ascendió a 20 libras, servicio incluido / incluyendo el servicio
    • not including insurance sin incluir el seguro
    • This is a very exciting proposal for the whole community, including the people of Oakenrod.
    • He said it was hoped to involve the whole community, including trades people and organisations.
    • Controls are sampled from the whole cohort, including people who become cases.
    • This is meant to be an amenity for the whole city, including teenagers.
    • She got together with neighbours, including Mr Zeller, and a public meeting was organised.
    • It's impossible to know until we privatise the whole transport system, including roads.
    • There should have been seven of us but I could only count six, including myself.
    • Soon the whole ground was singing it and many people, including me, were in tears.
    • Very soon Cumae spread its power over the whole Phlegraean area, including Naples.
    • We just need to work on the whole package, including the tyres, to make it better.
    • This is money that could be better spent on a whole range of services, including health care and education.
    • Actually my whole family were baptised and confirmed Roman Catholic, including me.
    • He called her from the Whistling Goose pub in Hull where he was drinking with a group of people, including Niall.
    • Three other people, including Higginson, deny aiding and abetting corruption.
    • On March 20, he was in a company people carrier with three attendants, including a driver.
    • These are people who cannot buy their normal requirement of food, including rice.
    • There were people in the house at the time, including a young child, but nobody was injured.
    • Its aim would be to keep talented people, including students from the University, in the district.
    • Vulnerable people with great needs, including dementia, should always be thought of first.
    • The car had been chased by a number of people, including security guards from a number of shops.