Translation of incorrect in Spanish:


incorrecto, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌɪnkəˈrɛkt/ /ɪnkəˈrɛkt/

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    (answer/translation/spelling) incorrecto
    (statement/belief/assessment) equivocado
    (statement/belief/assessment) erróneo
    it would be incorrect to say that … sería erróneo decir que …
    • that is incorrect eso no es cierto
    • But the reporter did have some of her data incorrect and drew some wrong conclusions.
    • Women are expected to defer to men even when male views are seen as wrong or incorrect.
    • They are dishonest, misleading, factually incorrect, selective with data and paranoid.
    • Hopefully they all now realise that your headline was wrong and that you had used an incorrect figure.
    • People abroad have a wildly incorrect idea of what we are actually about over here.
    • Even if it exists, in many cases it is either out of print, very hard to get, poorly written or incorrect and misleading.
    • It would be false and incorrect to state in your book that I have not responded to your questions.
    • By quoting a different reference, Russell is wrong in stating that our core assertion is incorrect.
    • Kelvin was eventually shown to have been wrong because his assumptions were incorrect.
    • The member was short on facts, poor on analysis, and incorrect with regard to deductions.
    • Repeating something as a fact, and which is factually incorrect, does not make it a fact.
    • In my view, it would be illogical and incorrect to describe these two buildings as a house.
    • Our conclusion was that these were incorrect, grossly distorted and thus misleading.
    • The book is often mistaken in its views and incorrect in the supposedly factual information it contains.
    • Since the whole of the Soviet Empire was involved in the war, it would be incorrect to describe all of those involved as Russian.
    • I suggest he check his sources - common sense should make him realise his claim is totally incorrect.
    • The official admitted the paper had been given incorrect information.
    • However, to imply that it is the result of Scottish musicians being reluctant to move to London is incorrect.
    • Police officer has pleaded guilty to giving incorrect information on his child support agency forms.
    • ‘Most of it has turned out to be incorrect,’ a diplomat at the IAEA with detailed knowledge of the agency's investigations said.