Translation of increase in Spanish:


aumentar, v.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈkris/ /ɪnˈkriːs/

Definition of aumentar in Spanish

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (number/size) aumentar
    (prices) aumentar
    (prices) subir
    (influence/popularity) crecer
    (influence/popularity) aumentar
    (trade/output/production) aumentar
    (trade/output/production) incrementarse formal
    (wealth/knowledge/power/crime) aumentar
    (pain/love/joy) aumentar
    (temperature/pressure) aumentar
    (temperature/pressure) subir
    (speed/rate) aumentar
    (wind/rain) arreciar
    to increase in sth
    • They had the choice of increasing the size of the dairy herd or changing the system completely.
    • The operators are reducing the amount they pay out and increasing the amount they take in.
    • The core of the movement has been increasing in size and in depth of knowledge.
    • There comes a point at long distance that the helical starts increasing the size of the groups.
    • In some cases, peaks could be obtained by increasing the amount of leaf material used.
    • The ordinary fan is continually forced to part with ever increasing amounts of money.
    • At first she worked less than a full day and then increased the amount of time at her job.
    • Police put this down to increased awareness and confidence in the way it is handled.
    • The proposal was aimed at increasing the number of organs available for transplant.
    • The geometry on this racquet aids the beginner by increasing stability and power.
    • The colour of the energy beam changed from green to bright red as the power increased.
    • Intensity of the job has increased and so has the number of patients going through the system.
    • By the following day, the amount of food in the feeding spots will have increased again.
    • Inequality in our society is increasing and for those at the bottom things are getting worse.
    • His ideas have been ripped off for years and years, and with increasing frequency.
    • Historical records of solar activity indicate that solar radiation has been increasing since the late 19th century.
    • Yet, instead of increasing as predicted, air pollutants have dramatically declined.
    • A new sleeping pill that increases dreaming sleep improves memory capacity, according to the results of new research.
    • The tall buildings increase wind drag on the city, resulting in vertical velocities - essentially a boiling action - that can enhance rainfall.
    • The only practical, long-term solution to increasing lamb survival on both an individual flock basis and on an industry-wide basis is through selection.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (number/size) aumentar
    (prices) aumentar
    (prices) subir
    (trade/output) aumentar
    (trade/output) incrementar formal
    (wealth/knowledge) aumentar
    (wealth/knowledge) acrecentar
    (noise/difficulty/pain/joy) aumentar
    we are increasing our efforts to find them estamos multiplicando / redoblando nuestros esfuerzos para encontrarlos
    • it will increase your chances te dará más posibilidades
    • with increased efficiency con mayor eficiencia
    • his increased popularity is due in part to … su mayor popularidad se debe en parte a …


  • 1

    aumento masculine
    incremento masculine formal
    a rent/price increase un aumento del alquiler/precio
    • an increase of 30% in the number of applicants un aumento del 30% en el número de candidatos
  • 2

    (rise in pay)
    aumento masculine
    • No money was available to cover pay rises, and if increases were given jobs could be lost.
    • The union has asked for the increase to counter the rise in council tax and house prices in the city.
    • This scenario would probably give rise to gradual increases in geothermal gradient.
    • My bill arrives at its percentage increase by averaging the increases on four items.
    • He went on to say that there had been a gentle increase in the church activities.
    • There are no signs of an increase in cyclone activity elsewhere around the globe.
    • It is also believed that an increase in sunspot activity can have an affect on pole reversal.
    • He also wants to set minimum wage increases in line with inflation if he gets in office.
    • Unlikely to be more than inflationary increases to cigarettes, beer and wine duties.
    • The past year has seen an increase in the amount of guitar-based music in the charts.
    • Etes say that the increase in the size of the show owes a great deal to the change of venue.
    • The figures might go up but no one will know for sure if it is a real increase or a perceived increase.
    • Pensioners were furious that tiny pension increases were being swallowed up by huge tax rises.
    • In the UK, further volume growth is likely to be the main driver behind increases in sales.
    • Some of the debt growth is a reflection of the increases in the value of shareholdings.
    • Vast amounts of resources have facilitated huge increases in production capacity.
    • So it's hard to see increases of anywhere near this amount being sustained for too much longer.
    • Such increases are both justified and achievable, given the size of the world economy.
    • Low inflation and the introduction of the euro may make price increases harder to justify.
    • Not everyone has had their benefits increased above the rate of price increases.