Traducción de indecent assault en español:

indecent assault

abusos deshonestos, n.


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    abusos deshonestos masculino
    • The alleged offences were rape, indecent assault and false imprisonment.
    • Keith was convicted of five gross indecency and three indecent assault charges at Swindon Crown Court on Tuesday.
    • The charges were indecent assault, sexual assault, and assault causing bodily harm.
    • This time the charges were rape and indecent assault, the sentence seven years.
    • There is nothing to prevent the prosecution charging indecent assault in these circumstances.
    • A student fell to his knees and prayed after a jury cleared him on attempted rape and indecent assault charges.
    • In English law the offence of indecent assault is widely used as a residual offence, beneath rape and attempted rape.
    • Four indecent assault charges and two rapes of patients were found not proven.
    • There is abundant authority to show that such frauds as these vitiate consent both in the case of rape and in the case of indecent assault.
    • With rape, or indecent assault, the rules and the way they are observed have been changing.
    • We interpose; he was here referring to three spent convictions for indecent assault.
    • He denies nine charges of rape, one of kidnapping, one of indecent assault and one of attempted rape.
    • He denied one count of rape and three further offences of indecent assault.
    • His son, Dave, was convicted of nine indecent assaults and sentenced to community service.
    • They both walked to a secluded area where the man subjected the woman to a serious indecent assault.
    • He was also found not guilty of four indecent assaults and one serious sexual offence against a third alleged victim.
    • If a perpetrator intentionally has physical contact of a sexual nature with the victim without the victim's consent, the perpetrator can be charged with the crime of indecent assault and battery.
    • We do not consider that sentences of three years are adequate to reflect the gravity of these continued indecent assaults and we shall quash them as unduly lenient.
    • Otherwise, indecent assault is a misdemeanor of the second degree.