Translation of indecisive in Spanish:


indeciso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌɪndəˈsaɪsɪv/ /ɪndɪˈsʌɪsɪv/


  • 1

    irresoluto formal
    • He was a poor administrator, he was indecisive, and he seemed unable to make hard decisions.
    • People may say you are too indecisive, but it's only because you want to do what's right.
    • The Celtic manager is the first to confess he is indecisive when it comes to signings, and he has a habit of holding off until the last gasp before committing to player recruitment.
    • Or if you are very indecisive, you might have to go shopping every day because you don't know which type of socks to buy.
    • Writing that includes a mixture of cursive and printing styles shows that you are indecisive.
    • For weeks, I was completely indecisive about what I would call the new column.
    • If he was occasionally indecisive, it was because he was painfully cognisant that lives hung on his decisions.
    • At best they are indecisive, and at the end they are completely unable to reach a position because their various representations prohibit them from doing so.
    • He is desperate, he is indecisive, and he is divisive.
    • More important, he was indecisive and failed to grow in his job.
    • He's indecisive to a point, but I think he's an immensely forceful character in parts of the play and not just when he's arguing with me.
    • She's indecisive, she's basically paralyzed by some romantic notion of the way things should be.
    • It was time to make up his mind, yet he was still indecisive.
    • These persons are not usually suited to executive positions, since they are often indecisive.
    • I was curious abut this - the idea of vocation, and how it is found, intrigues me, as I am so indecisive!
    • Soldiers who do not remain calm or are indecisive quickly lose their ability to resist.
    • An orchestra wants to be told what to do without hesitation or conference and a conductor who involves the orchestra in decision making is perceived to be weak and indecisive.
    • ‘Pochles’ is used to describe a person who is physically inept and indecisive in his actions.
    • It's a clarion call to the meek, the mild-mannered and the indecisive.
    • Supposing for example that you have Mars in Libra: this makes people very indecisive.
  • 2

    (result/outcome) no decisivo
    (result/outcome) no concluyente
    • If the result remains indecisive, the coalition still loses.
    • In May 2005 a campaign that never caught fire issued, perhaps inevitably, in a curiously indecisive result.
    • The Sri Lankan election held last Friday has resulted in an indecisive outcome that can only lead to further political volatility.
    • Though manœuvring went on for four days and a good deal of damage was inflicted, the result was indecisive, no ships being captured or sunk.
    • The first was a fairly indecisive battle at Lansdown, just outside Bath, which saw the royalist forces badly mauled as they foolishly attempted an assault of the northern ridge.
    • In October, a battle was fought at Edgehill but neither side won it and from a military point of view it was an indecisive battle.
    • Throughout the year, battles such as Loos were indecisive and led to little movement in the lines of trenches.
    • When it occurred, battle was thus costly and usually indecisive.
    • Millions of bank customers are still shaking their heads at the indecisive outcome of Tuesday's hole-in-the-wall discussions in Harrogate.
    • Saying ‘maybe’ or any other indecisive response, practically counts as ‘no’.