Translation of indentation in Spanish:


mella, n.

Pronunciation /ˌɪndɛnˈteɪʃ(ə)n/ /ɪndɛnˈteɪʃ(ə)n/

Definition of mella in Spanish


  • 1

    • 1.1(along edge, border)

      mella feminine
      (in coastline) entrante masculine, feminine
      (in coastline) entrada feminine
      • Where the craft landed were scorch marks and the deep indentations in the ground showed it was a heavy, sizeable besigheid.
      • To this day, one can stretch one's fingers and thumb to fit the indentations on its smooth surface.
      • Apart from a few small cuts and a deep indentation in the skin where it was pressed against the floorboard, I was fine.
      • Ford analyzed some of the shards with closer scrutiny and found something he recognised but nearly refused to believe… the deep indentations of claws.
      • She recovered after courses of radio and chemotherapy but found another unconnected indentation in her other breast 12 years later.
      • On his forehead a narrow, inch-long indentation from a rifle-butt remains as a souvenir of his ordeal.
      • To qualify as true oedema, the swelling must be capable of indentation by pressure from the fingers, known as ‘pitting’.
      • They made a silicon rubber mold of the inside of the horns to show every indentation and marking, scrutinizing the outside under a microscope.
      • Bottles vary in the extent to which they have a punt, or inverse indentation in their base.
      • True enough, there was a tell-tale head-shaped indentation on my pillow this morning, but that could mean anything.
      • All three of us pitched in and got the man over to a worn leather couch that held onto the vaguely human indentation of someone tall and heavy recently removed.
      • A tongue groove is a shallow, raised indentation in the center of the mouthpiece only high enough to relieve tongue pressure.
      • He could see a little bit of indentation and could feel a little lump.
      • The distractor items all consisted of a small metal screw located to the left of this circular indentation.
      • At some point they discovered that in the centre of his chest, there was a tiny, concave indentation.
      • Her left hand hit the token, and she lightly fingered it, letting her hands learn every crevice, indentation, every detail of that token.
      • Massage this small indentation with firm but gentle pressure for 10 to 15 seconds; repeat on your right hand.

    • 1.2(dent)

      hendidura feminine

  • 2

    • 2.1(act of indenting)

      sangría feminine
      • The First Folio edition indicates text to be sung through indentation and italic typeface, though apparently not with absolute consistency.
      • Use curly brackets and indentation to keep track of what you have assumed.
      • The page is manipulated as a visual space to the extent most word processors allow, with varied patterns of indentation and spacing.
      • Therefore, changes in deformation could be obtained during indentation.
      • They usually provide custom indentation and pretty printing options suitable to the subject at hand.
      • A block, as one might guess, is a block of content that is parsed using Python's indentation rules.
      • Using energy arguments similar to the one above, the team derived a scaling law for the contact stiffness of a thin cylinder of infinite length undergoing local indentation.
      • So there's a visual component to them even though they seem to be ordered in a specific way - every shift, indentation, whatever, is there for a rhythmic reason or sense.
      • To minimize the effects of finite sample thickness, we limited indentation to 750 nm.
      • Any adhesive bonds that form during indentation will tend to break during tip retraction-as manifested in the form of single or multipeak sawtooth patterns.
      • A typical stress response for indentation is shown in Figure 7.
      • The effects of bending are neglected to first approximation, and the dominant resistance to indentation is taken as the isotropic tension.
      • It was ruled for text by indentation using a bone instrument.
      • This can be done using a tonometer, a sensor that blows a small amount of air at the eyeball and then tests how much indentation the air has caused.
      • In fact, calibration procedures for indentation of hard materials typically include indentation of reference samples.

    • 2.2(blank space)

      espacio masculine