Translation of independent suspension in Spanish:

independent suspension

suspensión independiente, n.


Motor Vehicles
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    suspensión independiente feminine
    • It had front wheel drive, fully independent suspension and disc-brakes all around with dual circuits as an additional safety feature.
    • There are eight wheels each with independent suspension and disk type brakes.
    • It also has a new 4-wheel independent suspension with advance multi-link rear suspension and front and rear stabilizer bars.
    • The independent suspension brings the wheels to the ground, keeping the vehicle under control.
    • Four-wheel disc brakes with an antilock braking system and 4-wheel independent suspension add to the surprisingly pleasurable driving experience.
    • It had a short monocoque shell, all round independent suspension, and disc brakes as standard at the front.
    • Its 40-wheel independent suspension with integrated regenerative and hydraulic braking system provides good handling and braking.
    • The 1949 Tucker Torpedo revolutionised US car design with innovations including an aluminium engine, independent suspension, fuel injection, seatbelts and safety glass.
    • All wheels are fitted with independent suspension.
    • The independent suspension system has telescopic shock absorbers on each wheel.
    • The vehicle has four-wheel independent suspension.
    • They had no fuel injection, no independent suspension, no air bags, no antilock brakes, no nothing!
    • Handling is improved with all round independent suspension, ABS brakes and an Electronic Stability Program, which helps with driver control in adverse conditions.
    • What's more, while the design of the short-long arm and transverse leaf spring independent suspension is the same, the actual components are all new.
    • Permanent eight-wheeled drive, all-round independent suspension and central tyre inflation system will give excellent road and cross-country mobility.
    • Beyond the unusual look of the car, it incorporated many new features considered standard today, such as seat belts, disc brakes, safety glass, and independent suspension.
    • Firstly, the separate ladder-frame chassis is abandoned for an extremely rigid unitary construction body, while fully independent suspension replaces the previous live axles.
    • A middle axle assembly, comprising roadwheels and independent suspension, is fitted and the braking system is adjusted.
    • The fully independent suspension features MacPherson struts in front and a semi-trailing arm design in the rear with specially tuned strut valving and spring rates.
    • MacPherson struts are used in front, a 4-link independent suspension is found out back.