Translation of individual in Spanish:


individual, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌɪndəˈvɪdʒ(u)əl/ /ɪndɪˈvɪdʒʊ(ə)l/ /ɪndɪˈvɪdjʊ(ə)l/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(for one person)

      (portion/helping) individual
      (tuition/attention) personal
      (event/competition) individual
      • Its serving order and individual portions is Western and the use of the chopsticks is Oriental.
      • You can make it in individual serving dishes for a special dessert or one big pan for everyone to dive into.
      • The mainstay of our order was nigiri sushi (fish on individual portions of sushi rice).
      • When the incredibly fresh dish arrived, I deduced that it must be mashed on the fly in individual portions.
      • The individual dishes are not cheap but the portions are generous and good fresh ingredients are in evidence.
      • Arrange the egg pieces, the yolks of which should still be a little soft on top individual servings or on top of the bowl of salad.
      • You can refrigerate the broth at this point and simply heat it up when you want to make an individual serving.
      • You can also make individual portions in small bowls, using mini-jaffa cakes.
      • Soups were available in a can as well as individual portions in a box!
      • Place the hens on the serving platter or individual plates and drizzle the sauce over them.
      • There was little variation, right down to the brand of the individual servings of jam.
      • Everywhere we went butter and jams were served in those horrible individual portions.
      • Add a measure of your favourite liqueur and either pour into individual dishes or into a pre-cooked sweet pastry tart.
      • Whizz until the mixture is quite thick, then tip it into a shallow dish, or individual dishes.
      • Pour into large glass serving bowl or individual stemmed glasses.
      • Share the mussels into individual serving bowls and then ladle a generous amount of broth into each bowl.
      • Serve the ingredients in individual dishes alongside each other.
      • However, the restaurant does individual Japanese dishes on the other nights of the week at reasonable prices too!
      • So it makes sense to split the money into separate individual accounts.
      • Layer with the rose petal cream in a single bowl or in individual glasses.
      • We have different activities and approaches and we try and make individual care plans for each person.
      • Research has shown that people reduce their use of health care after individual psychotherapy.
      • They want each patient to be given an individual care plan tailored to their needs following rapid access to an expert diagnosis and assessment.
      • The group aims to build housing units to provide individual care for mentally disabled children in China.
      • The most important thing was that I got individual care from the staff.
      • But in a family of 12 children there was not all that much time for her mother to give individual care to any one child.
      • The project is to be commended for promoting individual responsibility in health care.
      • The nurse to patient ratio is very high to allow for individual patient care.
      • It provided individual clinical and preventive care, combined with health promotion, to a defined community.
      • The major exception is farm-to-farm movements of sheep, which will remain subject to individual licences.
      • An audit that involved a systematic search of all individual primary care records was performed at the end of the study period.
      • Material received when consulting this Internet site is for individual use only.
      • The tale of the whale shows how every story today is seen through the prism of individual emotions.
      • They also received a number of individual donations from people.
      • Entrants should be aware that they may be subject to local call charges depending on their own individual arrangements for internet access.
      • Finally, we do individual sessions to follow people through a full task, to make certain it's working the way they want it to.
      • Of course, the more valuable people perceive their individual cell phones to be, the less likely they may be to trade up for new ones.
      • Couples therapy can also be separate but integrated into individual therapies for depression.
      • Two of those groups were single students who needed individual instruction.
      • Interesting that we now have numerous fonts designed to look like individual handwriting.

    • 1.2(single, separate)

      each individual child cada niño (por separado)
      • you can purchase the whole set or individual items se puede comprar el juego o cada pieza por separado
      • organizations or individual citizens organizaciones o ciudadanos particulares
      • There are so many wonderful performances here, it would be pointless to single out individual cast members for praise.
      • The cast is really rather too large to single any one member out for individual comment.
      • Separate individual competitions for men and women are scheduled and they will be divided into junior and senior groups.
      • Parents in some parts of Britain have travelled abroad or paid privately for single vaccinations against the individual diseases.
      • It would be unfair to single out individual players as every man on the field gave 100 per cent effort.
      • But why a separate outfit when individual companies already have quality departments?
      • For the chicory: poach in water with salt and lemon juice for three minutes, drain and separate into individual leaves.
      • Separate the bulbs into individual cloves and space them every 10 cm in rows 30 cm apart.
      • When it was just 25 separate chapters in individual word documents it didn't feel that substantial.
      • Remove excess soil and separate individual bulbs, disturbing the roots as little as possible.
      • Which means a favorite wouldn't be a single work but a range of work by individual artists.
      • Most plants occurred as dense individual tufts separated by cracked soil.
      • More or less curls can be created by separating the individual strands of hair into small or larger sections.
      • These eruptions are thought to rise first as vertical sheets of magma, before separating into individual pipes.
      • Our study was performed using single swab specimens from individual patients.
      • With longer projects it is also productive to work on individual scenes separately rather than the whole movie at once.
      • The shoot and roots of individual plants were separated and weighed.
      • The individual cells were tiny, bare closets with no amenities, and were designed to be too short to lie down in.
      • The Marie Curie Actions offer numerous opportunities to individual researchers to participate in a research team in another country.

    • 1.3(particular, personal)

      (style) personal
      (style) propio
      (choice) particular
      each case will be judged on its individual merits cada caso se juzgará según sus propios méritos
      • it can be adapted to suit individual needs puede adaptarse según las necesidades de cada uno (or de cada caso etc.)
      • It's a great showcase of local talent and the perfect place to pick up an unusual and individual Christmas gift.
      • York was once renowned for its individual shops selling unusual merchandise, that is what the visitors expect.
      • I prefer things that are individual with a really interesting design aesthetic.
      • People trying to be hip and striving to have an individual style to the point of absurdity, that they end up all looking the same.
      • Special thanks to all especially the younger models whose individual styles made it a night to remember.
      • I'm a fairly recent convert to his individual style of trip-hop, orchestral, landscape music.
      • I have invented a name for my own highly individual style of present wrapping.
      • Look out for his book, as his very individual writing style and story telling is brilliant.
      • Amy has an individual sense of style and glamour - and already looks great.
      • The reason he was chosen was that he has a very individual style.
      • Their individual styles would necessarily mirror their political consciousness.
      • The exhibition is testimony to the common themes that bind them and yet the unmistakeably individual genius and style of each.

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    (original, distinctive)


  • 1

    (single person, animal)
    individuo masculine
    I am speaking as a private individual hablo a título personal
    • You can be yourself, and the basis of unity is that you are a human being and an individual.
    • Of course all references to groups are ultimately references to distinct individuals.
    • When you look deeply inside you will find that we are all individuals and human beings.
    • A free market frees individuals to make distinct choices and independent decisions.
    • True partnership and community can only come about between distinct individuals.
    • First, because people vote for parties rather than individuals, any personal vote is relatively small.
    • Parties and individuals have until Tuesday to get their Westminster nominations in.
    • There comes a time when you see them all as individuals rather than representing parties.
    • It is aimed primarily at corporate clients, though individuals can still use the service.
    • Twins are genetic duplicates of each other, but no one would deny that each is a distinct human individual.
    • But, at some point, each individual is still a human being and has to answer to his conscience.
    • I was brought up to respect all faiths and the human rights of individuals.
    • His essential argument is that humans, as individuals, are inherently capitalist.
    • Now we have a six-week period and there's going to be a lot pressure on bodies and individuals.
    • It is a basic issue of human rights that individuals can observe their religion.
    • To single out individuals for praise would be unfair as in my opinion they were all star quality.
    • It will not affect the ability of individuals to import single copies for private use.
    • This example is extremely limited as I was speaking to a single individual.
    • He is not satisfied with anything less than total absorption and enjoyment, from every single individual present.
    • A song, by its very definition, implies a single individual giving voice to either emotion or narrative by means of melody.
    • Most of the whales in the area during the hunt were large single individuals.
    • With simple viability selection and random mating, the selection group is a single individual.
    • Plants often fertilize themselves to at least some extent, so polyploid species can arise from a single individual.
    • Increase in mass in real time is shown for one individual of each species in Figure 2.
    • And the general body texture from one individual to another within the same species can also be quite different.
  • 2 informal

    individuo masculine
    individua feminine
    tipo masculine informal
    tipa feminine informal
    • I've come to the conclusion that I am a selfish heartless individual.
    • Bad manners are the outward sign of a seriously selfish individual.
    • No right-thinking individual can ever be persuaded that hatred and hostility is an answer to anything.
    • No decent, rational individual would ever choose war over peace, he added.
    • A very quiet individual, his gentlemanly manner endeared him to all who made his acquaintance.