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individualista, n.

Pronunciación /ˌɪndəˈvɪdʒ(ə)wələst/ /ˌɪndəˈvɪdʒələst/ /ɪndɪˈvɪdjʊ(ə)lɪst/

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  • 1

    individualista masculino, femenino
    • She's an individualist, not a nonconformist.
    • She's in tune with trends, but she's a confident individualist when it comes to style.
    • He had already gained a reputation as a fierce individualist who refused to work well with studios.
    • He was an unorthodox individualist.
    • The figure of the cowboy became the West's protagonist, a self-reliant individualist with a virtuous sense of fair play.
    • Because actors, in essence, are individualists, they don't really work as a unit.
    • John was an almost insanely egotistical individualist.
    • He believes that children who do not regularly eat with or talk to their parents can turn into anti-social, undisciplined individualists.
    • These are the privileged individualists who have already snatched their slice of the American dream.
    • One might suppose that politicians were supreme individualists who came together only because they recognized that co-operation was the only effective way to promote their own separate agendas.
    • They are selfish, go-getting individualists.
    • She was from first to last a radical individualist.
    • Individualists and collectivists disagree over whether the Second Amendment grants individuals a right to firearm possession.
    • Liberal individualists argue that the individual is morally prior to the community.
    • Concepts like "emergent order" have been an obsession of methodological individualists for ages.
    • He was an extreme individualist who described himself as the last of the true Tories.
    • Chen was a rationalist and an individualist.
    • When certain people began to be individualists, fear set into the community.
    • Such laws are scarcely ever opposed on grounds of principle, even by the most doctrinaire individualists.
    • He often liked to refer to himself as an "individualist," sometimes even as an "anarchist."