Translation of individuality in Spanish:


individualidad, n.

Pronunciation /ˌɪndəˌvɪdʒuˈælədi/ /ˌɪndɪvɪdʒʊˈalɪti/

Definition of individualidad in Spanish


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    individualidad feminine
    • Men gave up their individuality and personal freedom to fit into what they believed their women wanted.
    • At 12 weeks, activity has become vigorous and behaviour shows distinct individuality.
    • The best wines of this region can truly stand alone in quality and individuality.
    • His music was characterized by great individuality, sometimes bordering on the sensational.
    • She has such character and individuality, it never seems to feel like that.
    • His own music, lacking any marked individuality, has not stood the test of time.
    • I think there is a real issue about valuing individuality and difference to a far extent.
    • By imagination, I mean that expression of our individuality by which we make a personal sense of the world around and inside of us.
    • A collection of individuals yet we feel that any expression of individuality is an affront to community.
    • None of them display any charming character, appealing features or particular individuality.
    • Fresh Atlantic fish and shellfish are invariably the star attractions here, presented with style and individuality.
    • And people clearly have more individuality and taste than companies.
    • Also, women today have lost any sense of colour, style or individuality.
    • The self, in Indian philosophy is something different than the Western idea of self as individuality.
    • I like stadiums to have individuality, identity, a unique feeling and atmosphere that strikes you every time you see it.
    • The role can be a means through which the character expresses his or her individuality.
    • Style is nothing if not a celebration of individuality, of individual variability.
    • We strive to revel in our uniqueness, love our individuality, and express that freely.
    • We color our hair and clothes; paint our nails, anything to manifest our individuality.
    • Eccentricity, strangeness and individuality I like, conformity I flirt with.