Translation of inducement in Spanish:


incentivo, n.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈd(j)usmənt/ /ɪnˈdjuːsm(ə)nt/


  • 1

    incentivo masculine
    aliciente masculine
    • In effect these new finances represent the inducement required to persuade developing countries to conserve their genetic resources.
    • Undue inducement, coercion, selection bias towards the poor, and distortion of the doctor-patient relationship are cited by critics of financial incentives.
    • The ordinary meaning of ‘incitement’ as adopted in the authorities is that it encompasses encouragement, persuasion or inducement.
    • We induced them under pressure, and inducements, to send their money into New York, into the New York financial system; so they built up the system.
    • They assess the efficiency of various forms of coercion as well as inducements.
    • Book sales reps commonly use any of three inducements to convince bookstores to carry specific titles.
    • The pressures and inducements to respond are enormous.
    • However, luckily for May, it seems possible profit was inducement enough to persuade them to open the door.
    • There was no inducement to lead a good life because evil people would spend their eternity in Hell.
    • I am quite satisfied that she is refusing to give evidence and that no inducements or protection which the court could afford would persuade her otherwise.
    • Just as important as mechanisms to ensure productivity were inducements to encourage men to work harder.
    • They have several inducements to seek legal advice, and these inducements have been strengthened in recent years.
    • It's a discovery likely to add new weight to parental inducements to ‘eat more greens ‘…
    • We don't need much inducement to eat, wash, beautify ourselves, or gratify our needs, but for many of us, honoring other people doesn't come easily.
    • Even so, remuneration for military service did provide inducement early on.
    • Whether such tax credits are sufficient inducement to donors remains to be established.
    • Hypnosis involves inducement of a trance - a condition between waking and sleeping.
    • Stimulation is taken to mean an inducement, a spur to action, an interest in doing something.
    • However, positive inducements and reassurances must be credible and truly attractive.
    • The Bill's benefits package is no longer a reward for service rendered but an inducement to serve and has become a significant part of recruiters' pitches.
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    inducción feminine