Translation of indulge in Spanish:


consentir, v.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈdəldʒ/ /ɪnˈdʌldʒ/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (child) consentir
    (child) mimar
    (desire/appetite) satisfacer
    they indulge her every whim le consienten todos los caprichos
    • it doesn't hurt to indulge oneself every now and again es bueno darse algún gusto de vez en cuando
    • Jean has been able to indulge her interest in art and nature, wellness, writing, reading, swimming, and walking.
    • When I took the reins, I was able to indulge my own interest in history and start doing research.
    • But for the most part, Mann is amazed that he is still able to indulge his interests for a living.
    • You will be able to indulge your liking for cinema and music.
    • However, the British, having adequate pasture for mature cattle, have generally been able to indulge their preference for beef.
    • Ahmed spares no expense in indulging his family's interest.
    • His luck in being an actor also gave him the chance to spend time indulging his interest in foreign policy and social activity.
    • My husband indulges my new interest, glad I think for the new lease of life it has given me.
    • More than anything else, I remember how simple that life was, how few demands there were on my time, how easy it was to indulge my scattergun interests.
    • They can then indulge their particular interests, whenever they like, wherever they like, and as often as they like.
    • This is because rich societies can afford to indulge their environmental interests and movements.
    • The business community is funky and its members like to indulge their interests in the city.
    • In discussing psychiatry and the arts, I cannot resist indulging my interest in psychiatry and film.
    • For recreation he played the violin, read widely, painted, dined with the local gentry, and, it seems, indulged his considerable interest in women.
    • This is a good time for you, the caregiver, to get things done, catch up on your rest, or indulge your own interests.
    • As companies competed to indulge this yearning, they began to elaborate mass production into mass customization.
    • I can't decide whether or not to ignore his advice in favour of indulging my desire to have something pretty.
    • It was the first time he had enough land - 16,000 square feet - to indulge his love for gardening, a passion that started when he was a boy in Trinidad.
    • I hated it and I knew I wanted to be in the kitchen, so in 1956 I headed straight for Paris to work in a patisserie, indulging my love of sugar and sweetness.
    • After a year of reflection afforded by the grant, Clarke found work in Europe, indulging her love of music and opera.
    • My maker indulged me in this little secret while I was still young and I used it wisely.
    • Kris grunted, ‘Well why don't you tell me about your past and perhaps I'll indulge you with my deep dark secrets.’
    • Does she feel rather dashing, a bona fide member of someone else's generation, or is she merely indulging her younger and stupider staff?
    • I smiled at her, misunderstanding, thinking I was indulging her.
    • For example. he indulges us with a discussion of his average childhood.
    • When our parents' generation indulges us and blames itself, this doesn't take anybody very far.
    • His parents, Jack and Sarah, indulged him in this obsession.
    • Whether I had fooled my mom, or whether she simply indulged me, I didn't know for sure.
    • She came along for the laugh and indulged us by taking the photos.
    • I love movies where the plot is just driven on dialogue, so this movie indulged me.
    • There are more, but I think you've indulged me enough for one evening.
    • To compensate for the harshness of his life, his mother indulged him.
    • I indulged him, nodding my head ever so often and even paying attention to certain parts.
    • And yet behind each story of a pampered auteur lurks the story of the producer who indulged him.
    • The Camorra flattered and indulged him, while the police and press stayed silent.
    • A teacher realised this and every two weeks she'd indulge me and let me write a play for the class.
    • And here I hope you'll indulge me, I'm going to break the time frame of December 1941 but for reasons I think you'll find understandable.
    • And now, dear reader, indulge me as I recycle some material I wrote twelve years ago, recounting the events of two years earlier.
    • Now you're with someone who won't indulge you at all.
    • But they mocked it in a sufficiently understated manner that, if you'll indulge me, I'm going to try to get a little more mileage out of it.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to indulge in sth permitirse algo
    • Louis didn't much care for alcohol and only usually indulged on special occasions.
    • You may indulge and enjoy some forbidden pleasures but cannot deceive yourself for long.
    • It's difficult to let go of those inhibitions because they feel guilty about indulging too heartily or allowing themselves too much pleasure.
    • Do you stay away from alcohol or allow yourself to indulge once in a while?
    • However this has generally not been a problem on the few occasions I have indulged.
    • On this day, since I planned to not leave the house all day, I decided to indulge and drink two cups of coffee.