Translation of industrial espionage in Spanish:

industrial espionage

espionaje industrial, n.


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    espionaje industrial
    • Insider trading should be regulated by existing criminal laws that prohibit industrial espionage and the theft of trade secrets and sensitive commercial information.
    • Workplace safety, industrial espionage, theft and criminal activity, rather than terrorist threats, often are the main security issues in commercial office buildings.
    • French and Spanish naval architects, for instance, resorted to industrial espionage to steal the construction secrets of ships such as the Victory.
    • The fact that employees are being asked to sell their accident books is a serious breach of contract and amounts to industrial espionage.
    • The government eventually rescinded the decree, but if it had remained, foreign companies would have faced the threat of industrial espionage by the government.
    • There is the risk of e-commerce transactions being intercepted and industrial espionage, with sensitive commercial data being stolen.
    • Careless talk - in airport lounges or pubs - is a godsend for practitioners of industrial espionage.
    • Photographic industrial espionage, all very exciting and lucrative.
    • The lower levels of management warn them about industrial espionage committed by other gangs.
    • ‘Only where sensitive data is sent outside via cable or radio can a communications surveillance system be used for industrial espionage,’ the report says.
    • The KGB also helped economic development through industrial espionage abroad.
    • I comment, lowering my voice ‘Believe it or not, industrial espionage exists - even at our paltry level of commerce.’
    • Well, some of the big things they're after include industrial espionage, trying to shorten the time to market for Russian companies of high-tech items.
    • If you are concerned about having your phone calls intercepted by government agencies or are afraid of industrial espionage, digital encryption is the answer.
    • What we know of the Indian dyeing techniques is largely the result of industrial espionage.
    • I've decided I'm taking the route of industrial espionage because doing it about spies and stuff can create some limits, or so I've been told.
    • The software also sent back a ‘worm’ to track the source of the attempts at industrial espionage.’
    • They are now expected to be interrogated by police involved in the major industrial espionage investigation.
    • In this report we review case histories of industrial espionage publicized in the media and in Congressional hearings.
    • It seems as if a number of renowned companies fell victim to an industrial espionage attack through custom-written Trojan horses and viruses.