Translation of industrialize in Spanish:


industrializarse, v.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈdəstriəˌlaɪz/ /ɪnˈdʌstrɪəlʌɪz/

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intransitive verb

  • 1

    industrialized countries países industrializados
    • Many other industrialized countries are spending about $70 per person, per year.
    • I expect obesity to worsen in all the industrialized and industrializing countries and for human health to suffer as a result.
    • The United States remains one of the few advanced industrialized countries in the world that still practices capital punishment.
    • Swedes entering the work force, like people in most industrialized countries, face bright prospects.
    • Asthma remains the most commonly reported occupational lung disease in most industrialized countries.
    • The country is the only major industrialized country that does not have a free-trade arrangement with any of its economic partners.
    • Instead it plans to purchase quotas of greenhouse gas emission from poorer and less industrialized countries.
    • How badly have we as industrialized nations miscalculated in our dealings with those less developed?
    • It doesn't have to be textiles, but textiles are the industry that has launched South East Asian nations into what is called industrialising countries.
    • We have industrialised countries have access to global markets, and developing countries don't have access to global markets.
    • We also recorded whether the research was led from the United Kingdom or another industrialised country or pertained to a developing country.
    • This was a regressive tax system, but less regressive than that of any other industrialized country.
    • The importance for entrepreneurs and competition alike is that an incubator industrializes innovation and new ideas, and solutions come pouring out.
    • However, this is changing rapidly, as Thailand becomes industrialized.
    • This is a controversial plan as Russia becomes more industrialized.
    • Parts of the Basque Country have also become heavily industrialized.
    • Although copyright was conceived of as a right accruing to individual authors, it has grown and changed and become industrialized.
    • Generally, the more industrialized and urbanized a country is the lower the proportion of the population engaged in agricultural production.
    • Japan was the first non-European power to become industrialized, which it had done by the end of the 19th century.
    • Both towns were also larger and more industrialized than other towns in the area.

transitive verb

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