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industria, n.

Pronunciación /ˈɪndəstri/

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nombreplural industries

  • 1

    • 1.1(in general)

      industria femenino
      heavy/light industry industria pesada/ligera
      • she used to be a teacher but now she works in industry era maestra pero ahora trabaja en el sector empresarial
      • how will industry react to these proposals? ¿cuál va a ser la reacción de los empresarios frente a estas propuestas?
      • The union is now the biggest in the private sector and manufacturing industry.
      • Manufacturing and industry produced a large range of products aimed at many different markets.
      • Costs of smelters scrap metal and other problems are having a major impact on manufacturing industry.
      • Once again, the town's manufacturing industry bore the brunt of the bad news.
      • Cotton manufacturing was the chief industry but there was also a brewery, a tannery and a brickworks.
      • I have never regarded public ownership as the best way to manage manufacturing industry.
      • The arrival of the homes is the result of a decline in the manufacturing industry.
      • Manufacturing industry has suffered greatly in the Bradford area in recent years.
      • In North America factories and jobs in industry migrated from north to south.
      • It fights to ensure that ownership of land, factories, industry and banks remains the same.
      • Perhaps even the gloomy cloud hanging over the manufacturing industry has a silver lining.
      • Some systematic changes can be descried in European industry before the factory.
      • It has been happening on a very large scale in manufacturing industry in Britain.
      • Raw materials for her industry and food for her people increasingly had to be imported.
      • It has to solve the problem of poverty and develop industry if the process is to advance.
      • Mining and industry are replacing agriculture as the leading economic activities.
      • To encourage European industry to implement environmentally sound policies, the EU has put several initiatives in place.
      • Governments should encourage the wider dispersion and implementation of industry's voluntary initiatives and agreements and sharing of best practices.

    • 1.2(particular branch)

      industria femenino
      the steel/textile industry la industria siderúrgica/textil
      • the construction industry la (industria de la) construcción
      • the tourist industry el turismo
      • a whole industry has grown up around healthy living la preocupación por la salud ha dado lugar a toda un área de actividad comercial
      • The technology industry has a poor track record in attracting female applicants.
      • Keeping up with the Kiwis now is hard work, as the wine industry continues to grow like topsy
      • In the airline industry emotional labour is vital to the success of the product.
      • The court is siding with the entertainment industry in its effort to curb online piracy.
      • The scheme can also help another struggling rural industry - coastal sea fishing.
      • Energy industry representatives will meet this week to address the problems.
      • The logic of the marketing model lies in the changing revenue base for media industries.
      • Media and creative industries are being courted to move into their own quarter around the border of the two cities.
      • There may be scope here for new solar energy industries to be developed to power such conversion.
      • One might speculate on the influence of entertainment industries in the media here.
      • The computer industry is just now starting to struggle to that level of reliability.
      • However, they do not make any concessions to the hard work it takes to be in the music industry.
      • It isn't hard for me to imagine people in the entertainment industry going through the same thing.
      • He shouldn't be too hard to find when you consider how the male grooming industry is booming.
      • No doubt the ban has been a hard blow to some parts of the hospitality industry.
      • In terms of layoffs, the hardest hit sectors are the auto industry and the high tech sector.
      • It would be hard to disagree with the objectives of the international aid industry.
      • This is a tribute to all those who work so hard in York's tourism industry.
      • Do you think that the music industry makes it hard for more artists to take risks?
      • The prices have been hitting the chocolate industry hard all over the city.

  • 2 formal

    (hard work)
    laboriosidad femenino
    diligencia femenino
    aplicación femenino
    • Her sewing room, based in her farm in Fife, which she shares with her fiancé, is a hive of industry.
    • On some occasions three courts were sitting simultaneously and it was a hive of industry and justice.
    • His industry, inventiveness and hard work said a lot about the way Celtic play the game.
    • By industry and thrift, labourers would have the chance to buy their own land.