Translation of inequity in Spanish:


injusticia, n.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈɛkwədi/ /ɪnˈɛkwɪti/

nounplural inequities

  • 1

    injusticia feminine
    • We require state interference to redress social inequity and poverty alleviation, our past necessitates that.
    • Always acutely socially conscious, he was struck by the poverty and social inequity in the countries that he visited.
    • Child labour thrives in India because of social inequity, official neglect and anti-poor policies.
    • She believes these are creating unacceptable levels of inequity and unfairness in the income tax code.
    • She is a rebel against social inequity and for the cause of the underprivileged.
    • Social inequity gives a lower status to women as being less important, less capable, less central and less valuable than men in society.
    • The matter is far more complex and there is good evidence that globalisation reduces poverty and inequity.
    • Patients also felt they had been injured as a result of inequity of access to healthcare due to the high cost of primary care and social deprivation.
    • She presses her students to think of other consumer experiences that reflect societal inequity.
    • I'm referring to the kind of gross inequity that dictates that some people should starve and die while others burn money for heat.
    • But I can say that the level of inequity in the world is not a natural phenomenon, it is designed by men.
    • Our world is in crisis today: conflict, economic disasters and inequity abound everywhere.
    • Since when did the Howard Government become a champion of addressing gender inequity in the workplace?
    • Many of the same tax loopholes that lead to inequity are also economically inefficient, even harmful.
    • Whichever way you look at it there is inequity between men and women.
    • The ultimate correction of this kind of inequity probably must await the elimination of poverty.
    • Gross inequity exists in the provision of stroke services within the UK, and comparisons with mainland Europe show Britain in a poor light.
    • What are some other relatively easy-to-change practices that perpetuate gender inequity?
    • Locally held budgets have resulted in ‘postcode prescribing’ in inequity in the availability of medicines.
    • It remains necessary, however, to address the current inequity between the standards for men and women.