Translation of inescapable in Spanish:


ineludible, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌɪnəˈskeɪpəb(ə)l/ /ɪnɪˈskeɪpəb(ə)l/


  • 1

    (necessity/responsibility) ineludible
    (fate) inexorable
    (outcome/consequences) inevitable
    the inescapable fact is that … lo que no se puede ignorar es que …
    • Sometimes, our anger and frustration are caused by very real and inescapable problems in our lives.
    • Among Dinesen's symbols, we find mirrors used to reflect the inescapable truths her characters must face.
    • Death is forever present, inescapable and man must accept his fate.
    • We live in an age when man-made noise, of all sorts, seems inescapable.
    • Even in good times, job losses are an inescapable fact of life in a dynamic market economy.
    • From this maelstrom emerge the great art and literature which seek to justify or to resolve the inescapable problems.
    • In the midst of the delight of the moment, there lies concealed a foreboding of inescapable sorrow.
    • This gives clear expression to Durkheim's pathos, his sense of the inescapable fragility of society.
    • The economic logic of developing and encouraging the alternative fuel car industry seems inescapable.
    • The novel is infused with this sense of loss, either as ordinary and inescapable, or as something more dramatic.
    • It is an inescapable fact that we would need to allow into Montserrat people who weren't born here.
    • These were the qualities that made the memories sweet, but behind all this there was an inescapable note of sadness.
    • But the scale and sharpness of the wealth gap presents an inescapable danger.
    • They seem to accept tension and stress as an inescapable part of their lives.
    • Wagner's darker side is inescapable, and Köhler's unravelling of it is compelling.
    • The sheer scope of Boulez's accomplishments means that his shadow is virtually inescapable.
    • The inescapable fact, however, is that waste is an issue which must be dealt with.
    • He was especially appealing to young women, a fact that was inescapable to both men.
    • He understands that the inescapable prerequisite of influence is dissemination.
    • Beggars are an inescapable part of our society and we have to deal with this reality.