Translation of inevitably in Spanish:


inevitablemente, adv.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈɛvɪdəbli/ /ɪˈnɛvɪtəbli/ /ɪnˈɛvɪtəbli/


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    inevitably, they will have to pay inevitablemente / forzosamente van a tener que pagar
    • Any attempt to sanction the use of cannabis without providing a legal mode of supply would inevitably be a lucrative gift to organised crime.
    • Re-runs are likely in many districts, inevitably producing delays.
    • In such isolated instances of settlements, news from the outside world was inevitably at a premium.
    • Without them, critics say, power is inevitably headed towards private ownership.
    • The emerging conditions would inevitably generate the possibility of a new mass movement.
    • Rising fuel costs will inevitably lead to higher prices for other items.
    • All this inevitably makes itself felt in its own due time.
    • Making that trade-off inevitably involves placing, implicitly or explicitly, a relative value on each outcome.
    • Inevitably, stroke will affect all of us either directly or indirectly at some time or another.
    • Inevitably, your inner reflection will lead you to draw conclusions that will help you change the course of your entire life.
    • Inevitably there will be drivers among the congregation.
    • The additional fishing creates flooded market, and prices inevitably drop.
    • Persistant inequalities between men and women will inevitably hinder the development process.
    • All too often, wars are self-perpetuating: conflicts generate more conflict and inevitably bring death, impoverishment and destruction in their wake.
    • What that means, is if nothing is done now, the city will gradually but inevitably come to a halt.
    • He said contractors obtain insurance independently and on an ad-hoc basis, and this will inevitably result in very high premiums.
    • There are times in life when, in our confusion, terror and lonliness, we make mistakes… and these mistakes inevitably hurt people.
    • There was a risk that the longer such processes continued, the more severe would be their impact on the economy when they inevitably turned.
    • Inevitably many of the works of art and furniture originally in the house had been dispersed over the intervening two hundred years.
    • Never leave a motor mower standing for months on a damp surface on in a damp place as this will inevitably make it difficult to start in Spring.
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