Translation of infantryman in Spanish:


soldado de infantería, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɪnfəntrimən/ /ˈɪnf(ə)ntrɪmən/

nounplural infantrymen

  • 1

    soldado de infantería masculine
    infante masculine
    • As operations unfold, the Army has found that protection is needed not just for infantrymen but for every soldier in theatre.
    • In the American and British armies deserters were almost always infantrymen.
    • Air and Missile Defense soldiers, like all soldiers, must be infantrymen first.
    • The job was not done exclusively by infantrymen: Rangers, engineers, artillerymen and staff soldiers all contributed.
    • When the weather socked in again, the infantrymen and artillerymen were ready for the German main attack that took place on Christmas Eve.
    • The crew consists of commander, gunner, driver, and four infantrymen, with the commander normally dismounting with the squad.
    • My MPs thought of themselves as infantrymen first; military police second.
    • And what is needed is not more infantrymen, more combat soldiers.
    • Undoubtedly, there will be many well deserving infantrymen pinning on the combat infantryman's badge in the near future.
    • For example, an infantryman with a rifled musket was a greater threat to artillerymen and cavalrymen.
    • The synergistic effect of brave infantrymen, massed artillery and close air support was why Bastogne held.
    • Additionally, the scouts and other infantrymen conducted a detailed search of the area with the assistance of mine detectors and soon found a buried cache.
    • My assignments were primarily as a tactical soldier in multiple divisions, both as an infantryman and an intelligence professional.
    • The combat infantryman and combat medical badge have an honored place in our tradition of recognizing people who do war's dirty work.
    • He enlisted as an infantryman in Perth in 1951 full of mischief and determination.
    • The infantry branch would be responsible for training light infantrymen.
    • A battalion of battle-tested infantrymen walked single file along either side of the road towards the enemy.
    • The artillerymen did not only assume new roles as gate guards or as mechanized infantrymen.
    • He successfully produced an excellent account of an infantryman's war by one who fought it.
    • This initial shock of overwhelming firepower facilitates the attacks of dismounted infantrymen into the built up area.