Translation of infer in Spanish:


inferir, v.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈfər/ /ɪnˈfəː/

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transitive verb inferring, inferred, inferred

  • 1

    to infer sth (from sth) inferir / deducir / colegir algo (de algo)
    • A reasonable person would not infer guilt from the fact of a police inquiry.
    • By carefully measuring the spin of the outer electron, it will be possible to infer the spin of the nucleus.
    • The street was not identified, although it is possible to infer the number of the house from the photograph.
    • There are two types of error that can be made when inferring statistical significance.
    • The search engine uses technology that infers the topic of the page and then delivers relevant text ads from a database containing thousands of advertisers.
    • Given this, one can infer that the company remained cautious with the amount it loaned out.
    • We can infer that the lens migrated into the patient 's left upper eyelid at the time of trauma.
    • These images can be used to infer local temperatures throughout the storm.
    • It is reasonable to infer the same effect will be achieved for the others.
    • It is not possible to confidently infer happiness from a smile, anger from a scowl, or sadness from a frown.
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