Translation of inference in Spanish:


deducción, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɪnf(ə)rəns/ /ˈɪnf(ə)r(ə)ns/


  • 1

    deducción feminine
    conclusión feminine
    inferencia feminine formal
    to draw an inference hacer una deducción
    • to draw an inference from sth sacar una conclusión de algo
    • by inference we can conclude that … por deducción podemos concluir que …
    • Nothing more need be added because, by inference, nothing could be more sublime.
    • It became fairly clear, by inference, that the sort of people who bought the clothes she sold were not her sort of people.
    • I couldn't hear what she was saying but it had to be - by inference - that she loves him too.
    • We know, or think we know, by inference, that he has been in a psychiatric institution, but no more.
    • She said Rico was displaying a kind of learning by inference that is called fast mapping.
    • No such retainer is alleged by the claimants and PW are not in a position to prove any such retainer, except by inference.
    • The defence had no knowledge of what his account was and it was clear by inference that he was unwilling to talk to them.
    • So by inference just as there will be many companies that outperform the market there are also many that will fare less well.
    • We respectfully disagree with the Judge in so far as he was relying on the pleaded representations by inference.
    • A change of meaning is not to be inferred simply by inference from other clauses, even if they are new.
    • We have a case of actual expectation by inference from the correspondence.
    • You would expect, by inference, that hotels should be adversely affected also.
    • By inference he could be accused of taking on board the views expressed at meetings.
    • But general propositions cannot be known by inference from atomic facts alone.
    • But is it not fair to say the judge has put his processes of inference into suspension?
    • Either the facts justifying such inference exist or they do not, but only the Tribunal can say what those facts are.
    • He has carried out research work in the areas of reliability modelling and bayesian inference.
    • In a Hilbert system, for example, we have a number of axioms and rules of inference.
    • This use of intelligent inference effectively enhanced his vision.
    • In this sense, the method can be viewed as a Bayesian method for paternity inference.