Translation of inferiority complex in Spanish:

inferiority complex

complejo de inferioridad, n.


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    complejo de inferioridad masculine
    • Studies also show that such children suffer from a marked inferiority complex.
    • Is it possible to have both a superiority complex and an inferiority complex?
    • After centuries of carping prompted by an understandable inferiority complex, Lancastrians are coming to accept that Yorkshire knows best.
    • Jackie sometimes claims he had an inferiority complex, a cultural cringe, another legacy of dyslexia and his Scottish upbringing.
    • Europe suffers from a collective inferiority complex, seeming to be helpless against the tides of the new century.
    • In fact, they have an inferiority complex and are intellectually dwarfed.
    • This was a mark not of a cultural inferiority complex, but of confidence.
    • Perhaps their apprehension comes from a lingering inferiority complex which has not yet matured beyond its second-class status.
    • Even his fondest memories are tinged by the infamous inferiority complex that continues to drive him.
    • I believe that the unspoken collective view in the compartment was that there was an inferiority complex at play here.
    • We all understood that he was venting his inferiority complex on his wife.
    • They gaze in wonder at our modesty and chuckle at our inferiority complex.
    • Any inferiority complex is a two-way street, and outsiders have contributed to the negative stereotype of Dundee as much as the locals.
    • But then, I also do have an inferiority complex in certain things.
    • These both stem from the same source: a national inferiority complex.
    • What's more, the Continent is suffering from an inferiority complex.
    • Nicholas is doing better, but suffers from an inferiority complex that is magnified when separated from Patrick.
    • She hurried out into the street, happy to be alone in the crowd and away from Leo who was clearly dealing with an inferiority complex.
    • Not everything is about you and your inferiority complex!