Translation of infinitude in Spanish:


infinitud, n.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈfɪnəˌt(j)ud/ /ɪnˈfɪnɪtjuːd/

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    infinitud feminine literary
    • To say understanding depletes the object understood, and by extension the whole objective world, is merely to say that specificities limit infinitude.
    • To portray God in human form in a two-dimensional fresco is to limit God's infinitude that is infinitely beyond the powers of the human mind to perceive.
    • As Mr Fowles again points out, we find ourselves adrift on a raft, in a silent, unyielding universe, dominated by hazard and infinitude.
    • It's a novel of stories within stories that aspires to the condition of the imaginary book at its shifting centre - infinitude.
    • One suspects its intricacies are a shorthand for infinitude.
    • Many of Page's poems offer other varieties of infinitude.
    • He must surely have meant that, when you listen to a masterpiece, you have a sense that you are in the presence of infinitude.
    • A shroud of thick clouds obscured its furthest side, giving the illusion of infinitude.
    • The sublime in Aviram's theory is ‘a sense of infinitude, or excess, specifically in relation to language’, thereby rhythm exists beyond the contingencies of semantic meaning.
    • This theorem, also called the infinitude of primes theorem, was proved by Euclid in Proposition IX.20 of the Elements.
    • In addition to supporting their validity, it provides a clearer sense of the relation between infinitude, singularity, and whole - part priority, and of the status of space and time as infinite ‘givens.’