Translation of inflate in Spanish:


inflar, v.

Pronunciation /ɪnˈfleɪt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (with air, gas)
    (dinghy/airbed/balloon) inflar
    (dinghy/airbed/balloon) hinchar Spain
    • At launch, the balloon is partially inflated with helium and expands as it rises.
    • If the balloon stays partially inflated, it can act as a sail and drag Fossett's closet-sized capsule for miles.
    • A few pebbles from my drive in a party balloon partially inflated with water served the purpose.
    • Smaller balloons are then inflated around the main structure, and the process repeated to create mini-igloos for the guests and staff to sleep in.
    • The balloons inflate the network, putting the string under tension while the string holds the balloons in place.
    • The balloon is inflated to expand the stent.
    • By analogy with the rock and the feather, think of a heavy warhead and a very light balloon that is inflated in the shape of a warhead; they would also travel along together in space.
    • At first I was just vaguely uneasy, because I knew that an office (especially one this size) is not the right place for a hot air balloon to be inflated.
    • The tube contains a balloon which is inflated, blocking the windpipe.
    • They're the kind of balloons which when inflated are shaped like round pillows.
    • Our piece de resistance was a helium tank to inflate Labour Party balloons.
    • I am now ready to go - upon my opening my pack of balloons and inflating one, a knot is tied in the end to keep it inflated.
    • The object is an inflated balloon placed in the armpit.
    • I arrived at the field by 6.15 a.m. to behold the magnificent sight of the massive balloon half inflated.
    • Keeping your tyres inflated at the correct pressure is vital for your health and that of your wallet, as tyres run at the wrong pressure wear prematurely.
    • It was a feeling when your heart felt inflated like a balloon and your feet urged you to skip.
    • Also, keep your tyres correctly inflated and get your wheel alignment checked.
    • On his bicycle, fitted with a luggage box and a carrier, Gokul is taking with him, a kit bag and of course a vacuum pump to inflate the cycle tyres whenever necessary.
    • Once inside the shelter Snicht hurried around making space for them and inflating three portable mattresses he had.
    • We bounced up to 10 feet in the air, catching a glimpse of the mountain peaks and landing on a cushy inflated mattress to spring up in the air again.
  • 2

    (figures/prices/economy) inflar
    (reputation) exagerar
    to inflate someone's ego alimentarle el ego a algn

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (balloon/dinghy) inflarse
    (balloon/dinghy) hincharse Spain
    • About 10 minutes later, small air pockets throughout the mattress begin inflating and deflating to produce a gentle rocking motion.
    • They inflate differently and behave differently, and once blown up, they can't be deflated for storage or re-used.
    • Compressed air is blown into an opening and the two sheets inflate.
    • As the balloon inflates, though, the pressure needed to expand it further decreases dramatically.
    • When the balloon inflates, the spring-like stent expands and locks into place inside the artery.
    • If we were to mark a number of equidistant points on the surface of the balloon, then as the balloon inflates the two-dimensional universe expands in the sense that every point on the balloon's surface recedes from every other.
    • A cryptic chorus of sound accompanies these series of visions while a swirling and undulating hot air balloon figure slowly inflates under the night sky.
    • As he strained upward, grunting, his entire body seemed to swell, like a balloon inflating.
    • ‘You can think of a magma chamber as a balloon inflating and deflating,’ says Pritchard.
    • Twelve fully automatic programs for various types of shirts and materials take care of the rest: The shell made of balloon silk literally inflates itself with hot air and gets the shirts into shape.
    • Unfortunately the balloon refused to inflate properly and just dragged along on the surface of the sea.
    • The flower buds are hollow balloons, which gradually inflate and color up.
    • Bowl followed bowl until his stomach inflated like a beach balloon and he staggered from the table on the verge of collapse.
    • The bigger the balloon inflates, the bigger the explosion when it pops.
    • Then the outside of the lava freezes to form a glassy, vesicle-free skin which inflates like a balloon until the surface is ruptured and a new pillow begins to form.
    • There are also carnival games: squirting water into the clown's mouth where the balloon inflates.
    • The Dressman's shell, which is made from balloon silk, inflates as it fills with hot air and presses the garment into shape, smoothing out creases and wrinkles.