Traducción de inflect en Español:


conjugar, v.

Pronunciación /ɪnˈflɛkt/

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verbo transitivo

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    (verb) conjugar
    (noun) declinar
    a highly inflected language una lengua flexiva / que hace gran uso de la flexión o accidencia
    • By contrast, the final verb is not marked for switch-reference but is fully inflected for such categories, and this inflection is relevant to the whole clause chain.
    • A mantra is a kind of prayer that contains the name of God that is inflected grammatically in the dative case.
    • There are two present-tense verbs here, both inflected for plural agreement.
    • Bantu languages were praised for their terminations at the beginning, so that the words are inflected, conjugated, or defined by means of a system of prefixes.
    • Pronouns such as my are not adjectives either; they are pronouns, genitively inflected, functioning as determiners.
    • Chinese is monosyllabic, Japanese is polysyllabic; Japanese verbs, adjectives and adverbs inflect, whereas they don't in Chinese; and Japanese has a system of postpositions that Chinese doesn't.
    • We listed a few words that we claimed were just exceptions to the claim that monosyllabic adjectives inflect, and we included wrong on that list.
    • Languages can be classified into one of three types: isolating or noninflective, agglutinating, and inflecting.
    • For example, they do not inflect for past tense, and with a third-person singular subject they do not take the characteristic s inflection.
    • There's an abbreviation of the name, a checkbox for genders, another one for classes, and information about how the lexical type inflects.
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    (vary pitch of)
    • As the patterns of notes or letters are inflected, moments of fulfillment or stability are perceived.
    • Taking a whirlwind tempo, as he did, is one thing; but failing to inflect the smaller motivic units that comprise it is quite another.
    • But even performers who ‘adhere to the score’ greatly inflect their readings by personal, pianistic, musical and emotional modifications.
    • Pletnev seems eager to convince us that these are very important works, and so everything is inflected, almost to the point of fussiness.
    • If Davis was unable to communicate his enthusiasm for this composer to his vocal forces, he did manage to draw warmly inflected playing from the orchestra.

verbo intransitivo

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    tomar desinencias
    in English, adjectives do not inflect en inglés los adjetivos son invariables (en cuanto a género y número)